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November 2003 Intelligence News

  • JAPAN SPY SATELLITE VOA 29 Nov 2003 -- Officials in Japan are investigating what went wrong in the failed launch of two spy satellites on Saturday. The aborted launch is a blow to the prestige of Japan's space program and its intelligence efforts,
  • Iraq's WMD Programs: Culling Hard Facts from Soft Myths Central Intelligence Agency 28 Nov 2003 -- "The October 2002 National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) has been dissected like no other product in the history of the US Intelligence Community. (...) all of this, ten myths have been confused with facts in the current media frenzy. A hard look at the facts of the NIE should dispel some popular myths making the media circuit."
  • Beijing in the dark about US case on spy China Daily 28 Nov 2003 -- The Foreign Ministry said Thursday that it knew nothing about a US case against a Chinese-born US resident once convicted by Beijing of spying for Taiwan, who this week pleaded guilty to illegally selling US technology to the mainland.
  • Northrop Grumman Hunter UAV Achieves 3,000 Combat Hours in Iraq Northrop Grumman 25 Nov 2003 -- The Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) -built RQ-5 Hunter unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) proved its value as a reliable and critical element of the U.S. Army's reconnaissance arsenal by reaching the 3,000 combat flight-hour milestone last month over the skies of Baghdad. As of Nov. 2, Hunter has flown nearly 600 combat sorties totaling more than 3,100 flight hours since its deployment to Iraq in January 2003.
  • NIMA Changes Name to National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency 24 Nov 2003 -- Today, the National Imagery and Mapping Agency was officially renamed the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.
  • U.S. General Says Intelligence is Key to Baghdad Military Operations Washington File 20 Nov 2003 -- The commander of the U.S. First Armored Division in Iraq says that the primary enemy in Baghdad continues to be former regime loyalists and that ongoing fighting in the capital is focused on routing them out of specific neighborhoods.
  • Al-Qaeda recruits Iraq fighters in Germany: secret service IRNA 20 Nov 2003 -- The al-Qaeda terror network is recruiting radical Islamists in Germany and other European countries for anti-US attacks in Iraq, the media quoted Wednesday the head of Germany`s foreign intelligence service BND, August Hanning, as saying.
  • Pakistan wants Afghanistan share intelligence on suspects IRNA 17 Nov 2003 -- Pakistan on Monday called for coordination and intelligence sharing with Afghanistan, saying the two countries are allies, friends and neighbors and engaged together in the war on terrorism.
  • SAF/SPY VOA 17 Nov 2003 -- South Africa's former transportation minister, Mac Maharaj, has begun testifying before a special commission set up to determine whether the country's top prosecutor was a spy for the apartheid regime.
  • Asefi rejects Iraqi missile experts` presence in Iran IRNA 17 Nov 2003 -- Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefi here Monday refuted news spread by US intelligence officials on presence of Iraqi missile experts in Iran as "completely baseless", saying this is a kind of taking advantage of current situation in Iraq.
  • Pakistan receives CIA report with reservation IRNA 16 Nov 2003 -- Pakistani officials have received a CIA review report on weapons proliferation trends with lot of reservations, saying some of the information contained in it is in the public domain and relations with China do not violate any international convention, a report said on Sunday.
  • Northrop Grumman Performs First Communication Between Global Hawk UAV and Manned Airborne Battle Management Platform Northrop Grumman 13 Nov 2003 -- Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) has successfully conducted the first communication between the U.S. Air Force's Global Hawk unmanned aerial reconnaissance system and a manned airborne battle management platform.
  • Northrop Grumman Team Validates New Integrated Battle Management Concepts with Mock "Flights" of Air Force's E-10A Aircraft Northrop Grumman 10 Nov 2003 -- A Northrop Grumman- (NYSE:NOC) led team has moved the U.S. Air Force a critical step closer to developing and deploying the battle management command and control (BMC2) subsystem for the E-10A multisensor command and control aircraft. The E-10A is envisioned as a central node in the Air Force's planned Command and Control Constellation, a network of airborne and space-based intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance sensors that will provide timely information to warfighters.
  • Pakistan seeks UK spying assurance, tights mission security IRNA 10 Nov 2003 -- Pakistan said on Monday that security has been beefed up for its diplomatic mission in Britain following reports that its High Commission in London was bugged by British intelligence services in 2001.
  • Pakistan seeks inquiry into bugging of London Embassy IRNA 06 Nov 2003 -- Pakistan was reported Thursday to have asked the UK Government for an inquiry into reports that its High Commission in London was bugged by British intelligence services in 2001.
  • CONGRESS / INTEL / POL VOA 05 Nov 2003 -- A U-S Senate panel is embroiled in a political debate over a memo. The memo outlines a Democratic strategy to call for an independent probe into how the White House used intelligence to justify going to war in Iraq.
  • UK Secret agency tried to bug Pak embassy in London - daily IRNA 05 Nov 2003 -- The British intelligence agency M15 tried to bug Pakistan`s embassy in London, a senior Pakistani Foreign Affairs Ministry official said quoted by a local daily here Wednesday.
  • U.S. Espionage against DPRK Assailed KCNA 05 Nov 2003 -- Some days ago, an unmanned reconnaissance plane Shadow 200 belonging to the U.S. forces in south Korea made a forced landing on a place 20 miles south of the area along the Military Demarcation Line (MDL) during its flight in the air above the area along the MDL.
  • At Least 200 Cases of U.S. Aerial Espionage in Oct. KCNA 04 Nov 2003 -- The U.S. imperialist bellicose forces committed more than 200 cases of aerial espionage against the DPRK in October by mobilizing strategic and tactical reconnaissance planes with different missions, according to a military source.

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