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The BCCI Affair

A Report to the Committee on Foreign Relations
United States Senate
Senator John Kerry and Senator Hank Brown
December 1992
102d Congress 2d Session Senate Print 102-140

  2. Introduction and Summary of Investigation
  3. The Origin and Early Years of BCCI
  4. BCCI's Criminality
  5. BCCI's Relationship with Foreign Governments, Central Banks, and International Organizations
  6. BCCI in the United States - Initial Entry and FGB and NBG Takeovers
  7. BCCI in the United States - Part Two: Acquisition, Consolidation, and Consequences
  8. BCCI and Law Enforcement - The Justice Deparment and the US Customs Service
  9. BCCI and Law Enforcement - District Attorney of New York
  10. BCCI and Its Accountants
  11. BCCI, The CIA and Foreign Intelligence
  12. The Regulators
  13. Clark Clifford and Robert Altman
  14. Abu Dhabi: BCCI's Founding and Majority Stockholders
  15. Mohammed Hammoud: BCCI's Flexible Frontman
  16. BCCI And Georgia Politicians
  17. BCCI's Lawyers and Lobbyists
  18. Hill and Knowlton and BCCI's PR Campaign
  19. Ed Rogers and Kamal Adham
  20. BCCI and Kissinger Associates
  21. Capcom: A Case Study of Money Laundering
  22. Legislative and Policy Recommendations
  23. Appendix - Matters For Further Investigation, Witnesses and Writs

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