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9A52-2 BM-30 Smerch
300-mm Multiple Rocket Launcher

Russia is placing considerable emphasis on new warheads for the 300 mm Smerch and other artillery rocket systems to enable them to engage a wider range of battlefield targets. This system support to "deep strike" tactics and capabilities which enable Army units to defeat large armored formations with less effort. Comparable to the US Multiple Launch Rocket System, the Smerch rocket can carry up to five Bazalt parachute-retarded munitions which use a two-colored sensor to find the target and fire a 1-kilogram penetrator at 2,000 meters a second. The 9A52-2 launcher with all supporting equipment, including the 9T234-2 Transloader, and the 1K123 Vivary Fire Control System, is referred to as the complex 9K58. The first export customer for the 9A52 (12-round) system was Kuwait, with 27 systems delivered, with the United Arab Emirates being the second customer. China has also purchased this system from Russia. The Splav Government Scientific Production Concern has redesigned the Smerch multi-barrel rocket system, boosting its range from 70km to 90km. The weapon's accuracy is also claimed to have been improved.

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