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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Tiangong II B (TK-2B)

The 10 sounding rocket launch missions led by the National Space Center used the Chinese Academy of Sciences used the Tiangong missile body to be modified into a two-stage sounding rocket, and conducted scientific research with a height of 50 to 300 kilometers. The effective method adopted eliminates the guidance and control system, and the rocket adopts a free-motion ejection method, and uses aerodynamic wings or a skirt shape (Flane) to make the gas center of gravity behind the center to keep the rocket flying stably.

Generally, the maximum distance of the rocketís shooting height multiplied by 3 is the maximum distance of the parabolic conic section. Therefore, when the sounding rocketís shooting height can reach 300 kilometers, the maximum distance converted to its parabolic conic section can reach 900 kilometers. Therefore, after the missile crisis in 1996, Since the National Army did not counter the same missiles as the Peopleís Liberation Armyís Dongfeng surface-to-surface missiles, the government urgently ordered the development of the Tiangong II B (TK-2B) with the body of the Tiangong air defense missile as the main body of the ground-to-ground missile, and mass production began under the code name "No. 3124", and mass production continued until 2006.

These ground-to-ground missiles were incorporated into the "special missiles" unit. The Air Force is currently handing over to the Chinese Academy of Sciences under the code name "Tian'e Project " to update the life extension project. It was planned to complete the Tiangong II B short-range ground-to-ground missile update in 3 years.

However, with the improvement of the Chinese Academy of Sciencesí missile technology, the cancellation of key components with the United States against Taiwan, and the accumulated experience in manufacturing technology in the past, the code-named "W99" team continued to develop technology for low-orbit satellite vehicles.

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