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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Combat Command and Control of the strategic level

The Strategic Command Post Exercise (KSU) for managing the Armed Forces in 2019 lasted three days, until October 17. The main purpose of the event is to verify the level of preparedness of the military command and control bodies and to improve the skills of management and operational personnel. The main role in the exercise is played by strategic nuclear forces formations and units (Strategic Nuclear Forces) - Strategic Missile Forces (Strategic Missile Forces), long-range aviation and the Navy. About 12 thousand people, 213 Strategic Missile Forces launchers, up to 105 aircraft (including 5 strategic bombers), up to 15 surface ships and 5 submarines, 310 units of military and special equipment take part in the KShU.

“The aerodromes of long-range, military transport, and operational-tactical aviation, training ranges of military districts, the Northern Fleet, sea training grounds in the Barents, Baltic, Black, Okhotsk and Caspian seas are involved in the exercise. During the exercise, launches of cruise and ballistic missiles of various bases will be carried out, including those at the Pemboy, Chizh and Kura firing ranges, the Defense Ministry said in a statement.

Exercises with the active involvement of strategic nuclear forces are held in Russia every year in October. As a rule, they complete the summer cycle of combat and operational training of the armed forces and are accompanied by launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). Sometimes representatives of the military-political elite are involved in exercises. So, at the end of October 2017, Russian President Vladimir Putin took part in the training of the Ministry of Defense for managing strategic nuclear forces (SNF). The Supreme Commander launched four ballistic missiles.

How Putin did this is not specified, but it is known that the head of state is the owner of the so-called nuclear suitcase. Contrary to the widespread stereotype, there is no red button in it. It is a dark business bag, stuffed with sophisticated equipment.

A suitcase allows the president to command troops to unlock warheads equipped with ICBMs, cruise missiles and aerial bombs. Starts are produced directly by ground units, submarines and aircraft. (In technical design, the case is the Kazbek automated control system (ACS) developed by the Scientific Research Institute of Automatic Equipment named after Academician V. S. Semenikhin (Moscow). At the command and staff exercises of the strategic nuclear forces, first of all, the adequacy of the assessment of the nuclear threat from the side of the probable adversary, the efficiency of decision-making, the combat coordination between the components of the nuclear triad - strategic missile forces, strategic aviation and the nuclear submarine are worked out.

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