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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

3250'00"N 3516'35"E

Yodefat is reportedly an installation for assembling and dismantling nuclear weapons. The Haifa area is home to several Rafael facilities responsible for the assembly of Israeli nuclear weapons since the first two weapons were fabricated in late 1966. Currently weapons are assembled at a modern and more remote facility at Yodefat east of Haifa. It is reported that classified satellite imagery of the facility shows a highly secure underground facility with two large elevators. According to Mordechai Vanunu, convoys carry plutonium from Dimona to Yodefat.

The Galilean settlement of Yodefat was the site in 67 CE of one of the best-known military encounters of antiquity, between Jewish rebel forces led by Flavius Josephus and Roman forces led by Vespasian. Yodefat was destroyed by Roman legions in this initial battle of the First Jewish Revolt. The site is unique in that nothing was ever built on top of the original city.


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