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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Unidentified Test Site

Israel has almost certainly conducted one or more zero-yield or sub-critical tests of the non-nuclear explosive components for an implosion design plutonium bomb. The location of these tests, and the nature of the facilities supporting such testing, is poorly documented in the open literature.

In June 1976, the West Germany military magazine Wehrtechnik claimed that Western reports documented a 1963 underground test in the Negev. Other reports suggest a test "at Al-Naqab" in October 1966 [but this is not a specific placename, bur rather the Arabic name for the entire Negev desert region]. In June 1998, a Member of the Knesset accused the government of an underground test near Eilat on 28 May 1998. A seismic event in the region was detected by Egyptian scientists, but subsequently the event was explained by the Israelis as the result of a car-bomb test.

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