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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Ikonos Imagery of Dimona
Negev Nuclear Research Center
Kirya le-Mehekar Gariny (KAMAG)

On 07 July 2004 Muhammad el-Baradei, the head of the United Nations' atomic energy watchdog, met with Israeli energy officials to discuss ways of ridding the Middle East of nuclear weapons. He said he was ready to discuss Israel's concerns about Iran's nuclear ambitions. El-Baradei had said he wanted Israel to begin a dialogue to rid the Middle East of nuclear weapons, but will not force it to publicly reveal whether it has nuclear weapons. Israel's so-called "ambiguity policy" is to neither admit nor deny whether it has nuclear arms.

Ikonos Imagery 26 January 2002
Credit to Space Imaging Middle East
Sensor: IKONOS
Resolution: 2m
Coordinates: Long: 35 deg 8' 30'' E Lat: 31 deg N

Note- This Imagery has been resampled to match scale ground distances in the images - the annotations do not reflect true spatial resolution. IKONOS Imagery of Israel is degraded from 1-meter resolution to 2-meter in order to comply with U.S. Law. See footnote on Kyl-Bingaman

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