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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Fallujah I / Habbaniyah III

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Imagery of Fallujah I / Habbaniyah I
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Overview of the Middle East with Iraq in the center

Fallujah Chemical Weapons Plants, Iraq

Tactical Pilotage Chart with NIMA CIB imagery overlayed showing the general location of the three Fallujah CW plants.

Tactical Pilotage Chart with NIMA CIB imageryoverlayed showing the three Fallujah CW plants in relation to the towns of Fallujah, and Al Habbaniyah

Fallujah I as of 1995. The facility is barely visible in this CIB image. It was only detected after comparing it to Fallujah I, and II

An Ikonos browse image of Fallujah I as of August 25, 2000

Digital Globe browse imagery of Fallujah I as of June 12, 2002. The Digital Globe browse imagery is compressed more than the Ikonos browse, reducing target detection and interpretability

Comparison of the Fallujah I, II, and III

Overview of Fallujah I. The facility measures 200 x 1,200 meters and occupies 69 acres. There are ten buildings and the facility appears to be dormant. The facility is protected by an outer security fence measuring 3 kilometers in length, an inner wall, an entry contol point, and two guard towers with one in the lower left corner

These four drive-through buildings measure 40 x 55 meters, larger than the similar buildings at Fallujah II, and III

Close-up of the drive-through buildings

This building measuring 35 x 130 meters is similar to one located at Fallujah II

These buildings appear to be inactive, no vehicles appear to be present

A close-up the Administrative/HQ building. No vehicles appear to be present

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