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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)


The number of names and naming systems attributed to Iranian missile programs has been often found to be far larger than the number of actual missile programs. Tehran imported solid propellant technologies, gaining Korean experience developing the KN-02 Toksa and importing over 200 Dongfeng 7 missiles - the ballistic missile derivative of the S-75 surface to air missile. The Fateh-110 was developed as a short ranged single stage solid fuelled platform, and the missile entered mass production in 2002. The system has seen a number of upgrades since entering service - with the designís range being extended to 250km in 2004 and reportedly gaining a range of over 300km in 2012. The latest variant of the missile was referred to as the 'Third Generation of Fateh-110.í

According to a security defense reporter at the Political Department of the Young Journalists Club , the Department of Defense and Armed Forces, which plays a role in the production of military industries, unveiled a new product in August 2015. The Conqueror 313 is a 500-kilometer missile designed by scientists, researchers and specialists proud of the Ministry of Defense's aerospace organization, using domestic and foreign capabilities and native technology. In the design of the conqueror series, the "Conqueror 313" is a new type of missile,in addition to its bodybuilding, advanced generation of solid fuel, composite, and sensors with indigenous design knowledge. In testing, the ability of native systems installed to hit the target has been demonstrated.

The missile was unveiled at an exhibition in Tehran with the presence of Iranian President Dr. Hassan Rouhani and a number of personalities. The President's Office reported "During a ceremony here to mark the National Daily of Defense Industry, president uncovered the latest achievement of the Iranian experts in devising a guided ballistic missile branded as Fateh 313. This makes Iran as one of the handful world countries that possess missiles with a range of 500-km using compound solid fuel. The missiles is designed and manufactured by Iranian researchers and scientists in the defense ministry using solely domestic sources. Thanks to its successful test-performance, the missile will be mass produced by the Defense ministry."

The "Rocket victorious 313" has advanced structure that contains sensors and solid internal construction and successful testing of the missile in earnest steps behind her. Iran's Ministry of Defense launched a plan to mass-produce rockets, and has achieved some success in recent years in producing essential military equipment, and the Islamic Republic of Iran is stepping up its defense capabilities to build advanced military equipment.

Due to the high demand for the missile and its importance to the projection of Iranian power in the Middle East, a more sophisticated derivative of the solid fuelled platform was developed for the Revolutionary Guard. Unveiled on August 21st 2015, the Fateh-313 was almost identical to its predecessor in its external appearance but fielded considerably superior capabilities. The missile made use of a new composite body and a superior fuel composite which extended its range to 500km.

Fateh-313 Fateh-313 Fateh-313 Fateh-313 Fateh-313 Fateh-313

According to the IRGC's public relations, IRGC ballistic missiles were reportedly fired 28 July 2020 from the depths of the earth during the training of the Great Prophet. On the second day of the final phase of the great exercise of the Great Prophet (PBUH) 14, the IRGC Air Force and Navy demonstrate a surprising confrontation with the enemy by creating joint command and control systems and combining tactics and methods of combat. The second day of the final phase of the great exercise of the Great Prophet (PBUH) 14 IRGC is being held with various operations from land, air and sea against the positions of the hypothetical enemy. At this stage of the IRGC Air Force exercise, using new tactics and equipment, it demonstrates part of the force's extensive capabilities in countering the supposed threats of the enemy. According to the report; The important achievement of the IRGC airspace in this phase of the exercise, which took place this morning (Wednesday) for the first time in the world; The successful firing of ballistic missiles from the depths of the earth was completely camouflaged, an important achievement that could pose serious challenges to enemy intelligence organizations in the event of computational errors.

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