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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

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The Uranium Corporation of India Ltd. (UCIL) recently completed its project of uranium Mining and Mill at Narwapahar, Bihar. Adequate resources of uranium have been identified to meet the requirements of India's currently envisaged nuclear power program. The uranium deposit at Jaduguda, Singhbhum district, Bihar, has been under exploitation since 1962. The uranium deposits at Bhatin and Narwapahar are also currently being exploited. Ore from the three deposits is treated in a mill located at Jaduguda in the Singhbhum region, and the yield is currently running at around 300 tons of uranium per year, which is more than sufficient to meet expected requirements through the early years of the next century.

The Narwapahar mine, 12 km north west of Jaduguda, is one of the most modern mines in the country. The new uranium mine, Narwapahar Mine, was built with Russian technology. The mine is designed to produce 1000 tonnes of ore per day. Trackless mining equipment are in use for the first time in the country. Mine development progress rates of over 300 meters per month have been achieved and the underground out-put per man shift is about 1.9 tonnes, which is considered to be best in the country. The Narwapahar mine is worked by a decline and a vertical shaft. The decline has the advantage that heavy equipment can be lowered to the working area without dismantling. The shaft is used for hoisting ore and movement of personnel .

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