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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)


By © Charles P. Vick, 2005-7, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Feb. 27, 2007


The opinions and evaluations stated here in are only the authors and cannot be construed to reflect those of any Government agency, company, institute or association. It is based on public information, circumstantial evidence, informed speculation, declassified U.S. intelligence community documents, official Iranian and North Korean government documents and histories, oral histories, interviews and reverse engineering analysis. As with all data regarding the Iranian and North Korean strategic space and ballistic missile programs, this analysis is subject to revision--and represents a work in progress.

Design Bureau OKB Makayev heritage
Engine OKB Isayev (KBKhM) heritage, open cycle operation
Engine Designation Scud heritage?
Range (km) 1,600-1,540-1,500*-1,400-1,350*-1,165*-1,100*
CEP (m) 190-250* (1)
Diameter (m)   1.32-1.35*
Height (m) 15.895-16 * 13 – 13.4 no warhead
Span across fins (m) ~ 2.74
L. W. (kg)       15,592,-15,649*-15,682*-15,742,-15,852*-16,250*
Stage Mass (kg) 15,092 *
D. W. (kg) 1,766.–1,780.**
Guidance Strap-Down to Inertial with GPS
Thrust (kg f) Effective 26,051 (-709)** Actual 26,760 - 26,600**
Thrust Chambers 1*
Thrust/Weight =Launch gee’s 1.65
Steering Four rotating vanes in the exhaust gas jet. (-4 to -5 sec. Isp. Loss)
Thrust Chambers 1*
Stages 1*
Burn Time (sec.) 115.23 ** (2)
Flight Time (min.'-sec.") 8', 9'-58"(557.33 kg wh.1,100 km), 12"(590.27 kg wh.1,165km)(760kg wh.1,500km)*
Cut Off Velocity (m/sec.) ~3,700-3,8,00
Isp. (sec.) Effective 226 – SL*** (3)
Actual 230 –SL
Effective 264 –vac.*** (4)
Fuel TM-185 ***
20% Gasoline, 80% Kerosene
Oxidizer AK-27I***
27% N2O4 + 73% HNO3 with Iodium inhibitor Nitrogen Tetroxide & Nitric Acid
Mass Prop. (kg) 13,312 - 13,326 **
HE Nuclear Warhead (kg) 550-600-650-1,158*
Warhead (kg) (WH)    500-(557.73*-590.27*Pak)-650-(760*Pak)-987-(1,158*Iran) (All types)
Warhead  length (m) 3.2 --2.74
Mass Fraction Mp/Mm Without the WH =.8821-.8830% With the WH =.8507-84.98%

* All of the No-dong performance data came from Iran and Pakistan data and the North Korean Taep'o dong-1 released publicly has allowed a more through analysis of the actual missile performance.
** Based on comparative Russian data and rocket equations derived analysis results.
*** Known propellant performance and details.
**** Up rated to Taep'o dong-1 thrust performance with a lengthened burn time and reduced payload mass. The several flight test of Shahab-3B constitute the flight test
of the first stage of the multi-stage Shahab-4 improved Taep'o dong-1, These were the final test of the Shahab-3b before its deployment with Iran's first operational nuclear warhead.
SL - Sea Level, Vac. Vacuum, Isp. Specific Impulse
1. Not accepted. Expected to be several 1,000 meters until Aug. 2004 introduction of Inertial GPS support input based guidance package with Chinese help.
2. Also based on other referenced information and discussions.
3. Due to vanes steering drag, Loss of 4-5 sec.
4. Losses at altitude amounting to perhaps 3-4 sec. vac.


No-dong-A, Ghauri-II, Shahab-3, 3AClass Missile Performance
Range------------- Payload
1,350 km* ------- 1,158 kg*
1,400 km ----------- 987 kg
1,500 km* ----------760 kg
1,540 km -----------650 kg
1,560 km -----------590.27 kg* (1,165 km* lofted trajectory)
1,580 km -----------557.33 kg* (1,100 km*lofted trajectory)
1,600 km -----------550 kg
1,780 km ---------- 240 kg
2.000 km ---------- 0 kg
2,300 km ---------- 0 kg

-Known real data points from Iran and Pakistan.*

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