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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Maram Materials Corporation

The Maram Materials Corporation in Masan-dong is said to be one of at least two primary chemical weapons storage facilities, with the other being located at Anbyon. This facility is said to consist of numerous underground storage tunnels dug into mountains. The tunnels reportedly contain filled warheads, bulk agents stored in large tanks, as well as chemical warfare protection gear, detection equipment, and decontamination materiel. Some reports suggest that the facility is also used for biological weapons.

The Maram Materials Corporation headquartered is at Maram-dong, and The Armed Forces of North Korea by Joseph S. Bermudez Jr (February 2001) suggests that references to CW facilities at nearby Hwang-ch'on and Masan-dong [aka Masan-ni] are alternate references to Maram-dong.

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