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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

CASIC Ninth Academy (066 Base)
Sanjiang Aerospace Group

Alloy First Qianjin Road,
Jianghan District, Hankou,
Wuhan, Hubei, China
Post Code: 430022
Phone: 027 5864037
Fax: 027 5864037

The second CASIC producer of ballistic missile systems is the Ninth Academy. Initially known as 066 Base, the Ninth Academy was created in August 1969 as a third line industry, specifically supplying cruise missile components to the Third Academy.The Sanjiang Space Group is engaged in R&D of solid-fueled tactical ballistic missiles and stealth/counterstealth technology as well as development and production of space systems.

A key landmark achievement for the Academy was the establishment of a design shop in October 1975. Its most prominent product is the DF-11 short range ballistic missile. In 1975 it began independent R&D of M-11 missile, designed by Wang Zhenhua, who completed system R&D in 1984. Based on a 1993 decision, 066 Base began work on an extended range variant the DF-11A with the goal being to double the range but keep the same accuracy. This was successfully flight-tested on August 15, 1998. The 066 Base is believed to have expanded its scope of work, and likely has been developing a follow-on variant to the DF-11A, notionally the DF-11B. Engineers from 066 Base have been cited as conducting R&D into terminal guidance systems.

The former 066 base/Sanjiang was 'promoted' to academy status in 2009, becoming the 9th Academy of CASIC, but later in 2011 it merged with the 'new 4th Academy' to form the 'new new 4th Academy'.

According to one report, the submarine-launched CJ-10K LACM has been developed by the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corps (CASIC) Hubei-based Ninth Academy (also known as the Sanjiang Aerospace Group, or 066 Base) on cooperation with the Third Academys Beijing-based Xinghang Electromechanical Equipment Factory (159 Factory). Final assembly of the CJ-10K is undertaken by the Beijing-based Hangxing Machine Building Factory (239 Factory).

The staff of 16,000-17,000 includes one third professionals and nearly 2,500 engineers, with facilities covering 1,250,000 square meters of floor space. Headquartered in Xiaogan, north of Wuhan, production activities are centered in Yuan'an, in western Hubei province. The Group includes five research institutes and over 100 member enterprises and research and production facilities.

Civilian products include farm and garden machinery, metalworking machinery, general industrial machinery, computer and office equipment, household appliances, and motor vehicles and car bodies. In 1993 Renault established a joint venture with Sanjiang Aerospace Group in Xiaogan, Hubei province. Renault had a 45 percent stake in the partnership, with Sanjiang holding 55 percent. But due to sluggish sales the partnership went sour. Sanjiang pulled out, and the Sanjiang Renault Automotive Co, was halted in 2004. The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission on 21 May 2013 approved the equity transfer from Sanjiang to Donfeng Motor Group, China's second-largest carmaker in sales volume. Dongfeng Motor Group acquired 55 percent equity interest in Sanjiang Renault, the interest held by Sanjiang, for a consideration of one yuan. Sanjiang Renault then was renamed as Dongfeng Renault Automotive Co Ltd with a registered capital of $111.2 million.

Shanghai Gofun Machinery Company (GFM) is the International sales center of China SanJiang Aerospace Group which has been researching and developing food & packaging machinery using its superiority of aerospace science and technology & military-industrial manufacturing equipment. Thanks to this competitive military- industrial background, GFM has excellent technology research & new product development ability and strong processing capacity.

GFM has been progressing steadily in juice & jam processing technology and equipment improvement through absorbing the latest fruit & vegetables processing technology from abroad and close cooperation with JUMP-Tech. GFM offers production lines with daily capacity from 20 tons to 1500 tons and customizations including plant construction, equipment manufacturing, installation, debugging and production; Provide the most optimized implementation plan.

GFM produces tomato paste production equipment and processing equipment for apples, oranges, carrots and other fruits & vegetables, and has received widespread praises from customers from Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Sichuan, etc. What is more, a worldwide reputation has been gained thanks to successful marketing in Africa, Eastern Europe, West Asia, Southeast Asia, South America and other regions in the international community.

Subordinate Entities

  • Hubei - Headquarters
  • Shenzhen - office
  • Beijing - office
  • Sanjiang Space Group Design Institute
  • Hubei Redstar (Hongxing) Chemical Institute, 42nd Research Institute, located in Xiangfan, Hubei province.
  • Hubei Hongfeng Machinery Plant. Established 1970, this electromechanical integration facility is located in Yuan'an.
  • Wanshan Special Vehicle Machinery Factory. Production facility located in Yuan'an.
  • Hubei Jianghe Chemical Factory. Production facility located in Yuan'an
  • Xianfeng Machinery Factory. Production facility located in Yuan'an.
  • Wanli Radio Factory. Production facility located in Yuan'an.
  • Hubei Hongyang Machinery Factory. Production facility located in Yuan'an.
  • Honglin Machinery Factory. Production facility located in Xiaogan.
  • Anjian - production facility

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