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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Strategic Large Phased Array Radar
30°17'11.12"N 119°07'44.45"E
Lin'an, Hangzhou, Zhejiang

On 21 January 2018, CCTV International Channel's "Through China" program publicly reported for the first time an antimissile radar base in northwest China and exposed its giant X-band active phased array multi-target measurement radar system. A key part of the anti-missile system is to accurately locate the incoming missiles. The large X-band phased radar deployed at a base in the northwestern part of the country mainly performs this task to detect the direction of the incoming missiles. It is reported that the X-band phased radar has a detection range of about 4,000 kilometers for a target of 10 square meters, which is close to the level of the U.S. military. It can cover a large area from the northern front of the South Asian subcontinent to the inland of the Tibetan Plateau. A bird's eye view. The information is provided to the Hongqi-19 interception system through the control system, and the missile can launch and destroy the incoming target.

The Zhejiang LPAR is located in Lin'an, Hangzhou, Zhejiang. It is situated a few kilometers to the north of the Laoduixi Scenic Area, roughly 50km south of the town of Ningguo, and about 150km west of Shanghai. Lin'an District is located in the northwest of Zhejiang Province, west of Hangzhou. It is located in Tianmu Mountainous Area in the northwest of Zhejiang Province, adjacent to Yuhang District of Hangzhou in the east, Fuyang District and Tonglu County and Chun'an County in the south, Yixian County in Anhui Province in the west, Anji County in the north and Jixi County and Ningguo City in Anhui Province. Lin'an District is about 100 kilometers wide from east to west, about 50 kilometers long from north to south.

The average elevation of the mountainous area in the southwest is more than 1000 meters, the elevation of the eastern valley plain is below 50 meters, the Qingliang Peak in the west is 1787 meters above sea level, the east is more than 9 meters above sea level, and the east-west elevation is 1778 meters, which is rare in Zhejiang Province. The low hills and river valleys in the territory are arranged in a staggered manner and can be roughly divided into Zhongshan-deep valley.

In the Spring and Autumn Period, the southeastern part of the district belongs to the genus, and the northwestern region belongs to Wu. Zhou Jingwang twenty-six years (before 494), Wu Zhan Yuedi, the whole territory is Wu. During the Warring States period, Zhou Yuanwang three years (before 473) Wu Weiyue was destroyed. The county government has been established for more than 2,100 years. In the second year of Emperor Wu of the Western Han Dynasty (formerly 109), it was set up in Qianxian County. In the 16th year of Jian'an in the Eastern Han Dynasty (211), Linshui County was established. The first year of Jin Taikang (280) was renamed Lin'an, and the second year of Tang Dynasty Arch (686) was set in Zixi County. The Northern Song Dynasty Taiping Xingguo three years (978) was renamed Changhua. In 1958, Yuhang County was merged into Lin'an County, and Yuqian County was merged into Changhua County. In 1960, Changhua County (including Yu Qian) was merged into Lin'an County.

There are well-preserved tombs of the King Wu Yue, one of the ten kingdoms of the late Tang Dynasty and the Five Kingdoms, and the unearthed Qian Qian’s parents Qian Kuan. Qian Xuesen (1911—2009) is from Zhejiang Hangzhou, a famous scientist and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is known as the “father of Chinese missiles”. Qian Sanqiang (1913-1992), a famous scientist and nuclear physicist in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, served as the director of the Institute of Atomic Energy of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Deputy Secretary General of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is known as the "father of the Chinese atomic bomb."

Lin'an is mountainous, with forest coverage rate reached 76.55 percent, the production of wood, bamboo, bamboo shoots, tea, pecan and a variety of herbs. The industry has cable, electronics, silk, medicine and agricultural products processing, and is one of the top 100 counties in the country. China's e-commerce top 100 counties. One of the top 17 economic counties and cities in Zhejiang Province, one of the first batch of Xiaokang County in Zhejiang Province, and one of the seventeen strong economic expansion counties in Zhejiang Province.

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