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Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT)

The Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) is the key university in the Chinese missile and space industry, and it is the only affiliate campus of the International Space University in Asia. Harbin Institute of Technology, founded in 1920, has eight colleges and is one of the best universities in China. It specializes in the fields of astronautics, machine-manufacturing, mechatronics and automation, hotworking technology, communication and electronic system, computer application, physical electronics and optronics.

In its earliest stage, HIT's mission was to train the technical personnel chiefly for the Chinese Changchun Railway Administration. In 1950, the Chinese Government took it over from the Railway Administration. Since then, HIT has enjoyed the priority of the central government's support. HIT covers an area of over 120 hectares, with a floor area of 660,000 square meters, and a fulltime faculty of 1,900 members.

HIT has established academic and cooperation ties with 350 universities and industries in thirty-six countries, including the United States, England, Germany, Japan and Russia. In the past few years, HIT has set up a New-and High-Tech Campus Park within an area of 100 hectare. The businesses of HIT New-and High-Tech Development Corporation lit in the park arranges from New-and High-Tech industries and communication to finance, real estate development, commerce, services and trade.

School of Astronautics Control Engineering.Automate Control
Control Guidance of Flight Vehicles
Communication and Electronic Engineering.Communication Engineering
Electronic Engineering
Electromagnetic and Microwave Technology
Applied Eletronic Technology
Information Engineering
Astronautic Engineering and Mechanics.Aircraft Design
Design of Missile
Space Craft Structure Design and Strenth
Composite Materials
Space Craft Enviroment Control and Safety Life-saving
Engineering Machanics
Astornautic-Electronic and Opto-Electronic Engineering.Satellite Engineering
Optics Technology and Opto-Electonics Instrumentes
Opto-Electronics Technology
Microelectronics Technology
School of Mechatronic Enginering Instrumentation, Measurement and Control Technology.Precision Instrumentation control and Measurement Technology
Industry Automation.Instruments and control Technology
Mechanical Science. Mechanism design and control
Machine-manufacturing Techniques and its Automation
Control and Automation in the Mechatronic SystemElectronic Precision Machinery
Control and Automation in the Mechatronic System
School of Material Science and Engineering Material Science. Material Physics
Space Material Science
Engineering Materials
Material Engineering.Metals and heat Treatment Technology
Liquid Metal Forming
Metals Plastic Forming Techniques and Equipments
Welding Techniques and Equipment
School of Engeny Science and Engineering Thermo-Power Engineering.Thermo Engineering.
Thermo Dynamical Engine
Fluid-Power Control and Automation.Fluid Power Transmission and Control
Fluid Machinery and Engineering
Automotive Engineering College.Automobile Design and Manufacturing
combustion Engine
School of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Computer Science and Engineering. Computer Application
Computer Software
Information Engineering.
Electrical Engineering. Electric Motor and its Control
Electric Machinery
Power system and its automation
Industrial Automation
Automated Test, Measurement and Control.Automated Test, Measurement and Control.
School of Science Applied Chemistry. Polymer Materials and Engineering
Electrochemical Engineering
Enviromental Chemical Engineering
Fine-chemical Industry
Applied Physics.Applied Physics.
Mathematics. Applied Mathematics
Numerical Mathmatics and its applied software
Life Science and Engineering.Biology Engineering
School of Management Management Engineering. Management Engineering.
Market Business
Economics and Trade.Technological Economics
Industry Trade
System Engineering.Management Information System
Accounting and Finance.Accounting
International Finance
School of Humanities and Social Science Foreign LanguagesScience English
Science Russian
Social SciencesEducation of Political Ideology
International Economy
Dept. of Architectural EngineeringArchitectural Engineering
Industry Design

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