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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)


Wingspan, spread70 ft. 70 ft.
Wingspan, fully swept33 ft. 11 in. 44 ft. 10.2 in.
Length 73 ft. 6 in.88 ft. 2.5 in.
Height17 ft. 1.4 in. 22 ft.
Weight, empty 47,445 lb. 51,832 lb.
Max. takeoff weight 116,115 lb. 140,000 lb.
Max. weight In flight 122,900 lb. 155,000 lb.
Fuel capacity More than 32,000 lb. More than 64,000 lb.
Max. speed at altitude Mach 2.2
1,453 MPH @ 50,000 feet max speed clean
1,320 MPH @ 36,000 feet max speed clean
Mach 1.1
1,055 MPH @ 36,000 feet maximum speed
Max. speed, penetration on deck Mach 1.75
838 MPH @ Sea Level Max speed clean
Mach 0.95+
650 MPH @ 200 Feet maximum speed
Service ceiling Above 50,000 ft.
50,263 ft
Above 50,000 ft.
Takeoff distance 7,400 ft.6,650 ft.
Landing distance 2,750 ft.3,200 ft.
Range 2,500 miles with four SRAMs and internal fuel
Refueled mission5,300 n.m. with 1,200 n.m. high-speed, low-level dash.44% greater range for same sea-level dash distance and same payload, or more than 3 times the payload for the same total mission distance.
ENGINES2 Pratt & Whitney
TF30-P-7 Turbofans
2 General Electric
F101 GE-100 Turbofans
Bypass ratio 0.732.01
  • 12,500 lb dry
  • 20,350 lbs with afterburner
  • 17,000 lb dry
  • 30,000 lb with afterburner
  • Self-start capability(none)Simultaneous engine self - start capablllty
    Type Cantilever shoulderCantilever shoulder
    Area 550 sq. ft.550 sq. ft.
    Sweep16 to 7216 to 80
    FUSELAGESemimonocoque structure, largely aluminum alloy with honeycomb sandwich skin, some steel, and titanium.Fuselage stretched 104 in. and enlarged to accommodate F101 engines, additional fuel, and avionics.
    CREW MODULEZero speed/zero altitude emergency escape module.Zero speed/zero altitude emergency escape module.
    INLET Quarter-circle, variable geometry.Circular, fixed-geometry, normal shock Inlet.
  • Weapons bay capacity for two nuclear weapons.
  • 2 x SRAM internal bay
  • Weapons bay enlarged to carry up to five nuclear weapons.
  • 5 x SRAM Internal bay (one source) or
  • 12 x SRAM Internal Bay (one source)
  • ExternalWeapons mounted on four attachment points under each wing. The two Inboard on each side pivot as the wings are swept. Weapons mounted on four attachment points under each wing. The two Inboard on each side pivot as the wings are swept. Weapons can also be carried conformally at six stations on the fuselage.
    Nuclear weapons 615
    Attack radar APQ-114APQ-144 (Advanced APQ-114)
    Radar altimeterANP-167APN-194
    Terrain-following radarAPQ-134 APQ-134M
    Doppler radar APQ-185APN-200
    AstrocompassASQ-119 (not required)
    INS AJN-16AJN- 16 with SKN-16 added for dual capability .
    Computer CP-2CP-2A (twice the memory capacity and processing speed).
    SATCOMCollins RadioCollins Radio
    TransponderAPZ - 78 APZ-78
    Communication ARC-109, ARC-123, AIC-25, APY-64V, ARN-52V , ARN-58A . ARC-109 , ARC-123, AIC-25, APY-64V , ARN-52V, ARN-58A.

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