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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

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From: Washington, Lawrence [mailto:washingl@monroe.army.mil]
Sent: Thursday, October 12, 2000 9:23 AM
To: Hauser, Ed

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[Chief, Publications Section
US Army Training Support Center
(757) 878-4669 DSN 927-4669
Cc: Chalkley, Randall; Williams, Richard P; Wales, Scott; Wallace,
Steve, LTC; Warner, Mark COL; 'kempc@wood.army.mil'; Watkins, Dave, LTC
Subject: FW: Chemical Proponent Field Manual Restricted Distro


The attachment contains the Chemical Schools request for change to the
restriction statements in selected FMs and TCs. The Chemical School is the
proponent for these publications an have the authority to make the
appropriate changes based on their analysis.

Lawrence Washington
Joint and Army Doctrine
757-727-3454/DSN 680-3454





ATSN-CM-DD (25-30)

6 October 2000


MEMORANDUM FOR: Commander, US Army Training and Doctrine Command, ATTN: Deputy Chief of Staff for Doctrine (ATDO-A), Fort Monroe, VA 23651-5000

SUBJECT: Request to Change Chemical Proponent Field Manual Distribution Restriction Statements


1. Reference. Army Regulation 25-30, The Army Publication and Printing Program, July 99.

2. Request approval to change the distribution restriction for the manuals identified in Table 1 (Enclosure 1) from Statement B (US Government agencies only) to Statement A (Approved for public release).

3. As proponent for these manuals, the U.S. Army Chemical School (USACMLS) has carefully considered the provisions of AR 25-30, Section 2-14, paragraph c in preparing this request. Our belief is that although the referenced regulation proscribes that manuals containing information on "chemical warfare" should not be approved for public release, it is our interpretation that this provision was intended to deal with aspects of offensive chemical warfare, an aspect no longer a part of any US Army doctrine.

4. The USACMLS believes that changing the distribution restriction for these manuals will increase NBC readiness for Army forces and will contribute to U.S. counterproliferation efforts. By changing the distribution restriction, Army personnel will have ready, unimpeded access to these critical documents through such means as the Reimer Digital Library and the USACMLS web page. It will allow more open and productive dialogue during the development of these manuals. We also believe that the open distribution of this doctrine under the provisions of Statement A will permit potential adversaries to perceive the U.S.'s robust capabilities to operate in an NBC environment which will deter the adversary's use of NBC weapons and thus directly contribute to U.S. policy for counterproliferation.

5. In accordance with AR 25-30, request the manuals in Table 2 (Enclosure 1) that are restricted distribution statement B (US Government agencies only) be changed to restricted distribution statement C (US Government agency's and their contractors) to protect technical and operational information. It is our belief that these manuals still reveal limitations on U.S. chemical and biological defenses that should not be available for public release, however we do acknowledge that these documents should be made available to U.S. Government contractors who are assisting in developing NBC defense capabilities.

6. The USACMLS points of contact for this project are LTC Flanagan and CPT Kemp, DSN 676-7363/7364, commercial (573) 596-0131 ext 37363/37364, fax (573)563-8063, e-mail: flanagac@wood.army.mil and kempc@wood.army.mil.


Original signed



Enclosure 1. Manual List


Table 1. Manuals for Public Release; Distribution is Unlimited


New Number


FM 3-3

FM 3-11.3

Biological and Chemical Contamination Avoidance

FM 3-3-1

To be rescinded

Nuclear Contamination Avoidance

FM 3-4

FM 3-11.4

NBC Protection

FM 3-4-1

FM 3-11.34

MTTP for NBC Defense of Fixed Sites, Ports, and Airfields

FM 3-5

FM 3-11.5

NBC Decontamination

FM 3-6

FM 3-11.6

Field Behavior of NBC Agents

FM 3-7

FM 3-11.7

NBC Handbook

FM 3-11

FM 3-11.11

Flame, Riot Control Agents, and Herbicide Operations

FM 3-14

FM 3-11.14

Vulnerability Analysis

FM 3-19

FM 3-11.19

NBC Reconnaissance

FM 3-50

FM 3-11.50

Smoke Operations

FM 3-100

FM 3-11

Chemical Operations, Principles and Fundamentals

FM 3-101

FM 3-11.100

Chemical Staffs and Units

FM 3-101-1

FM 3-11.101

Smoke Squad/Platoon Operations

TC 3-8

TC 3-11.8

Chemical Training

TC 3-10

TC 3-11.10

Commander's Tactical NBC Handbook


Table 2. Manuals for Distribution Authorized to US Government Agencies and Their Contactors


New Number


FM 3-9

FM 3-11.9

Potential Military Chemical/Biological Agents and Compounds

FM 3-101-4

FM 3-11.112

Biological Detection Platoon TTP

FM 3-101-6

FM 3-11.86

Biological Defense Company and Corps Staff TTP


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