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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Appendix C

SOP Outline

I. Command and Control.

A. Troop leading procedures.
B. Orders.
C. Responsibilities.
D. Communications.
E. Intelligence.

II. Operation Security.

A. Readiness conditions.
B. Stand to.
C. Security plan.
D. Sleep plan.

III. Organization for Combat.

A. Vehicle load plan.
B. Precombat checks.
C. Actions in assembly area.
D. Communication checklist.

IV. Tactical Operations.

A. Formations and movement techniques.
B. Conduct of an NBC route recon.
C. Conduct of an NBC area recon.
D. Conduct of an NBC zone recon.
E. Conduct of an NBC survey.
F. Conduct of an NBC surveillance.
G. Conduct of an CB sampling.
H. Conduct of conventional reconnaissance.
I. Cross and bypass a contaminated area.
J. Road marches.
K. Occupation of assembly areas.
L. Passage of lines.
M. Defensive operations.
O. Limited visibility operations.
P. Flank coordination.
Q. Consolidation/reorganization checklist.

V. Personnel.

A. Health and hygiene.
B. Medical evacuation.
C. POWs.
D. OEG status.
E. First aid and preventive medicine.

VI. Logistics.

A. Classes of supply and maintenance.
B. Recovery procedures.

VII. Appendixes.

A. Organizational clothing and individual equipment.
B. Air defense.
C. Fire support.
D. Safety.
E. Reports.
F. Brevity codes.
G. Marking contaminated areas.
H. Weapons and sensitive items security list.
I. Operational terms.
J. Land navigation.
K. Range cards.
L. Call for fire.

1. NBC reports.
2. M8 alarm operation.
3. MOPP.
4. Preparation for friendly nuclear attack.
5. Detection and effects of chemical agents.
6. Radiological survey procedures.
7. Radiological monitoring procedures.
8. Decon procedures.

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