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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

U.S. Nature as Nuclear Criminal Exposed by Declassified Documents

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, September 1 (KCNA) -- It was recently disclosed that the U.S. worked out a plan to spray nuclear materials on the Korean Peninsula during the last Korean War. This has touched off towering indignation of all the Koreans.

Report "radioactive warfare" drew up by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation on April 20, 1951 said the U.S. planned to spray massive radioactive materials including plutonium and nuclear waste in areas dividing the Korean Peninsula as the Korean war ignited by it was pushed to a deadlock. It carried out 65 field tests before 1952, according to the report.

These shuddering criminal acts of the U.S. imperialists clearly point to their nature as a war criminal who regards nuclear weapons as a tool for realizing the ambition for hegemony.

The U.S. dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945, becoming the world's first nuclear criminal that inflicted unheard-of nuclear disaster on humankind.

To redress its repeated defeats in the Korean War, the U.S. imperialists hatched a shocking plot to use nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula. They have since kicked up a nuclear racket against the DPRK.

The truth about the monstrous crime planned by the U.S. has been brought to light by secret documents worked out by it.

A "top-secret diplomatic document" drafted by the U.S. State Department said the U.S. discussed the plan for using A-bombs on six occasions during the war.

During his inspection of the Korean front in December 1952, Eisenhower openly hinted at the use of nuclear weapons and even prepared "Eisenhower offensive" envisaging the mobilization of weapons of mass destruction.

Korean war-related documents declassified by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and confidential documents discovered at the U.S. national archives show that the U.S. nuclear weapon was first deployed in south Korea in mid-August 1950 and in November the same year the then U.S. President Truman talked to reporters that the use of A-bomb is under constant examination. MacArthur was also proved to have said that there was a plan to drop 30-50 A-bombs in Korea-China border.

There are also records that U.S. air force's B-29s held A-bomb dropping exercises in the sky above Pyongyang in September and October 1951 and that the U.S. air force made reports from May to July 1953 on the progress made in the A-bomb plan.

It was written in a diary of the then U.S. air force commander in Far East that the operational study room of the U.S. Department of Army analyzed in detail the issue of tactically using A-bomb in the close ground support operations from September 1950. There are also data showing that the U.S. made detailed examination of the use of nuclear weapons in the Korean War.

There revealed in succession documents and data exposing the U.S. persistent provocations for a nuclear war even after the end of the Korean War.

Top-secret operational plan 8-53 laid out by the U.S. Strategic Air Command right after the armistice envisaged the massive drop of nuclear bombs in Korea and China.

When EC-121 large spy plane incident broke out, the U.S. worked out emergency nuclear attack plan in June 1969. The plan envisaged attacks on airfields and naval bases of the DPRK with 0.2-70 kt nuclear weapons and, furthermore, rendering the most of its military capacity ineffective.

The confidential document of the U.S. Pacific Command that was declassified in 2006 also clarified that the U.S. moved to use nuclear weapons against the DPRK in 1975.

A U.S. military confidential document drafted on December 9, 1998 also clarified that the U.S. air force planes deployed in a military base in North Carolina State of the U.S. staged exercises simulating nuclear attacks on the targets of the DPRK several times from January to June that year. It was said that biological and chemical weapons attack operation was also included in the exercises.

Another U.S. military confidential document--support team for weaponry for south Korea-standard procedures for nuclear operations in south Korea-- which was declassified in December 2010 proved that nuclear weapons had been in deployment in a U.S. military base in Chunchon till April 2005.

According to a data clarified by a U.S. organization when demanding the U.S. Pacific Command open to public information, 3 million depleted uranium bombs are stockpiled in the U.S. air force military bases in Suwon, Osan, Chongju and other areas of south Korea.

The depleted uranium bombs with massive destruction power have been used without hesitation in south Korea.

The U.S. forces fired depleted uranium shells and dropped depleted uranium bombs 60 hours per week in the firing ground that existed in Maehyang-ri, Kyonggi Province, leaving a lot of people dead or wounded and destroying hundreds of houses. Even after the closure of the firing ground, inhabitants in this area are suffering from all kinds of diseases including radioactive contamination.

Nuclear Posture Review worked out by the U.S. in January 2002 shocked people.

A secret report submitted to Congress by the U.S. Defense Department said that the U.S. can preempt a nuclear attack on seven countries including the DPRK even though those countries do not have nuclear weapons and the U.S. is not directly attacked by nuclear weapons. The document stressed the need to develop and use new smaller nukes capable of destroying underground bunkers and work out a research plan and resume nuclear test.

The report also contained the fact that formations of F-16 fighter bombers belonging to the U.S. 8th combat air division stationed in the U.S. air force base in Kunsan, south Korea received the training of attacking the DPRK with B-61 nuclear bombs.

South Korean and other world media denounced the report, saying that "it is shuddering" and "the danger of a nuclear war is becoming a reality". The report disclosed the U.S. true nature as a nuclear fanatic.

All facts prove that the U.S. has worked hard to ignite a nuclear war against the DPRK after making the nuclear war a fait accompli from long ago.

The U.S. imperialists are matchless beasts and nuclear criminal who would not hesitate to inflict nuclear disaster on humankind and exterminate other nation to meet their ambition for aggression and realize their strategy for world domination.

The U.S. warmongers prodded the south Korean puppet regime, its colonial stooge, to hold reckless DPRK-targeted nuclear war exercises such as Ulji Freedom Guardian, increasing the danger of nuclear holocaust in the Korean Peninsula.

Nuke should be answered with nuke.

The present situation proves that there is no other choice for the DPRK but to bolster nuclear deterrent for self-defense to safeguard its sovereignty and dignity.

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