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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

April 2005 - United States Special Weapons News

  • Experts Worried About US Strategy at Nonproliferation Conference VOA 28 Apr 2005 -- Experts have told Congress the United States must be prepared to take a strong, leading role at the upcoming (May 2-27) conference to review the 35-year-old Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, warning serious damage to nonproliferation efforts could result if the conference does not end with a consensus.
  • Rumsfeld Endorses Research on Earth Penetrating Weapon VOA 27 Apr 2005 -- .S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld called on Congress Wednesday to approve funding to study the development of both nuclear and conventional weapons that could penetrate underground facilities.
  • U.S., Latvia Sign Nonproliferation, Threat-Reduction Pact Washington File 26 Apr 2005 -- U.S., Latvia Sign Nonproliferation, Threat-Reduction Pact
  • START Signatories Announce Strategic Offensive Arms Totals Washington File 25 Apr 2005 -- The State Department released a fact sheet April 18 on the aggregate numbers of strategic offensive weapons for signatories to the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START).
  • Northrop Grumman to Bid on Los Alamos National Laboratory Management Contract Northrop Grumman 25 Apr 2005 -- Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) will leverage its expertise in advanced technology and large-scale program management to bid on the contract to manage Los Alamos National Laboratory. The seven-year agreement is potentially worth $2.2 billion per year. Extensions of up to 13 years could increase the total value of the program to $44 billion over 20 years.
  • Gorbachev Criticizes US Over Nuclear Arms VOA News 21 Apr 2005 -- Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev says the United States and Russia should cooperate to further reduce their nuclear weapons stockpiles.
  • New Plague Vaccine Agreement Signed 15 Apr 2005 -- A joint, multi-nation project arrangement between the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), the Department of National Defence of Canada, and the Secretary of State for Defense of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was announced today for the cooperative development of a vaccine to protect against plague.
  • Expand Nuclear Power, Block Proliferation, Energy Secretary Says Washington File 07 Apr 2005 -- The United States supports making nuclear energy available to all countries in a way that does not undermine efforts to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons to terror groups or additional states, Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman says.
  • U.S. Official Outlines Future for IAEA Nuclear Security Program Washington File 06 Apr 2005 -- Nations must improve the quality and scope of security for nuclear materials if nuclear terrorism is to be prevented, a U.S. State Department official believes.
  • NUCLEAR FUEL / TERRORISM VOA 06 Apr 2005 -- A panel of experts has recommended that U.S. government nuclear power plant regulators take measures to better secure spent nuclear fuel from terrorists.
  • QDR to Address Transformation of U.S. Nuclear Arsenal AFPS 05 Apr 2005 -- Today's U.S. nuclear arsenal is too outdated and costly to maintain for use in deterring threats in the post-Cold War era, a senior officer told a Senate subcommittee April 4.
  • How To Strengthen the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Washington File 04 Apr 2005 -- The following article was written for the March edition of the electronic journal "Foreign Policy Agenda: Today's Nuclear Equation" by Ambassador Jackie W. Sanders, U.S. representative to the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva.
  • Taking Legislative Aim at Weapons of Mass Destruction Washington File 04 Apr 2005 -- The following article was written for the March edition of the electronic journal "Foreign Policy Agenda: Today's Nuclear Equation" by Senator Richard Lugar, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
  • Controlling the World's Most Dangerous Weapon Washington File 04 Apr 2005 -- The following article was written for the electronic journal "Foreign Policy Agenda: Today's Nuclear Equation," by acting Assistant Secretary of State for Nonproliferation Stephen G. Rademaker.

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