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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

September 2002 - United States Special Weapons News

  • Background Briefing on Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction 13 Sept 2002-- Senior Defense Official: I made mention of the fact that we have seen use by organizations who intend to terrorize civilian populations, and here's a list going back at least to the mid-1980s. The Aum Shinrikyo attacks are the ones that I think most people recall most immediately, but there were others that have taken place. The Egyptian Islamic Jihad is an organization which, by its name, lives in Egypt and has been associated with a number of terrorist organizations. One of their operatives was arrested in '98, for example. He's serving a life sentence in Egypt at the moment. But he claimed -- and here's where I want to talk a bit about the claims -- that his group had chemical and biological weapons. So that was in 1998.
  • Text: Destabilizing Consequences of Weapons Proliferation Around Globe Cited Washington File 13 Sept 2002-- A State Department non-proliferation expert says new weapons programs and delivery systems in the Middle East, South Asia and East Asia pose "real, destabilizing consequences."
  • Mass Weapons Danger Real, Iraq not Only Country of Concern AFPS 13 Sept 2002-- While Iraq's weapons of mass destruction program poses the most immediate danger, other countries are also of concern, said a senior defense official Sept. 13.

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