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Weapons Systems or Commercial Capabilities for Ukraine Security Assistance

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General Information

  • Contract Opportunity Type: Sources Sought (Original)
  • All Dates/Times are: (UTC-04:00) EASTERN STANDARD TIME, NEW YORK, USA
  • Original Published Date: Apr 22, 2022 01:40 pm EDT
  • Original Response Date: May 06, 2022 12:00 pm EDT
  • Inactive Policy: 15 days after response date
  • Original Inactive Date:
  • Initiative:
    • None


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Request for Information

RFI Number: IBP-Ukraine-001

Agency/Office: Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Acquisition

Title: Weapons Systems or Commercial Capabilities for Ukraine Security Assistance

1. Customer Description

This Request for Information (RFI) is being issued by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Acquisition, on behalf of the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense Acquisition and Sustainment (OUSD(A&S)). OUSD(A&S) enables the delivery and sustainment of secure, resilient, and preeminent capabilities to the warfighter and international partners quickly and cost effectively.

2. Background

As the conflict in Ukraine continues, the Biden Administration is working around the clock to fulfill Ukraine's priority security assistance requests.

Russia's unprovoked invasion has highlighted the importance of frequent, direct dialogue between industry and commercial partners and the Department of Defense to ensure that we are able to support three strategic objectives:

  • Delivering critical commercial and military capabilities to Ukraine;
  • Enhancing the preparedness of our own forces; and
  • Supporting our allies and partners in bolstering their defense capabilities.

In particular, the Department is exploring options which would accelerate production and build more capacity across the industrial base for weapons and equipment that can be rapidly exported, deployed with minimal training, and that are proven effective in the battlefield

To that end, the Department seeks information from across industry on weapons systems or other commercial capabilities related to air defense, anti-armor, anti-personnel, coastal defense, counter battery, unmanned aerial systems, and communications (e.g., secure radios, satellite internet).

3. Information Being Sought

a) Describe the weapon, product, or system you believe could assist the Ukrainian military (<100 words).

b) Anticipated timing of delivery (check one):

[ ] 30 days or less [ ] 31-90 days [ ] 90-180 days [ ] more than 180 days 

c) Select which of the following capability needs this system or product best supports.

[ ] air defense

[ ] coastal defense

[ ] anti-tank

[ ] anti-personnel

[ ] counter-battery

[ ] unmanned aerial system

[ ] communications

[ ] other (provide explanation)

d) Is this system currently in production? Check yes or no and respond to the corresponding questions.

[ ] No, the system is not currently in production.

  • If no, what actions are necessary to begin production?
  • Are there long-lead items (yes or no)?
  • If yes, there are long-lead items, list up to five of the most critical items

 [ ] Yes, the system is currently in production.

  • If yes, where? (City, State, Zip)
  • If yes, what is the current production rate per month?
  • What is the maximum production rate per month?
  • If production were increased, what other systems that you produce could be
  • affected?
  • If yes, who are the recipients of the current orders?

e) What training, if any, would be required to operate the system?

  • Do you have training packages developed?
  • Do you have training facilities in Central/Eastern Europe?

f) Provide any additional details on operating concepts or weapons employment (<250 words).

Additional Information Being Sought for Munitions

g)  Provide performance information regarding the following.

  • Range (km or nmi)
  • Guidance (seeker, GPS, etc.)
  • Warhead (weight in lbs)
  • Propulsion

h) Select which of the following delivery platforms the munition supports and provide any additional details in text.

[ ] Air (tactical air, UAS, etc)

[ ] Land (artillery, mortar, tank fired, shoulder fired, etc.)

[ ] Sea (surface ship, unmanned, etc.)

i) Select the appropriate target type(s).

[ ] Area

[ ] Fixed

[ ] Airborne / Missile

[ ] Maritime

[ ] Mine

[ ] Moving

[ ] Hard

[ ] Soft

4. RFI Guidelines

This announcement constitutes a Request for Information (RFI) for the purpose of determining market capability of sources or obtaining information. It does not constitute a Request for Proposals (RFP), a Request for Quote (RFQ) or an indication that the Government will contract for any of the items and/or services discussed in this notice.  Information received from the RFI will be used to develop requirements to be solicited at a later date under FA8650-19-S-5010. Please note DoD support contractor personnel with appropriate Non-Disclosure Agreements may have access to RFI data submissions for administrative assistance.

5. Point of Contact Information

a) Company Name

b) Address

c) CAGE Code

d) Point of Contact

e) POC email

f) POC phone

6. Submission Requirements

Submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Interested companies are encouraged to submit to osd.pentagon.ousd-a-s.mbx.Ukraine-Assistance@mail.mil by 12:00 noon (EDT) on Friday, 6 May 2022. RFI responses should cut and paste items (a) through (i) above and are limited to a maximum of three single-sided pages. The font for text should be Times New Roman 12-point or larger. Only Microsoft Word compatible files or Adobe Acrobat PDF files in electronic correspondence will be accepted. DLA will not acknowledge receipt of responses to this RFI. Telephonic inquiries will not be considered. Responses must be unclassified. Reponses may contain proprietary information but must be appropriately marked.


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Contact Information

Contracting Office Address

  • PHILADELPHIA , PA 19111-5096
  • USA

Primary Point of Contact

  • Industrial Base Policy
  • osd.pentagon.ousd-a-s-mbx.Ukraine-Assistance@mail.mil

Secondary Point of Contact


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