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Moscow Will Expose Anti-Russia Fakes, Will Hold Ukrainian War Criminals Accountable, Lavrov Says

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Tim Korso

The Western nations were quick to repeat the accusations of the Ukrainian government claiming that the Russian troops killed civilians in the city of Bucha, promising to take action against Moscow before any probe of the alleged incident could take place. Moscow dismissed the allegations as another provocation by Kiev.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has commented on the latest developments in Ukraine during his press conference with the Arab League Contact Group, namely addressing Ukraine's "provocation" in the city of Bucha, where Kiev claims Russian troops killed civilians. Lavrov promised that Moscow will expose all "fakes" regarding the Russian special operation in Ukraine as it did in the case of the alleged bombing of a maternity hospital in Mariupol.

The minister stressed that there have been several cases already, where brazen fake news emerged in the media, a propaganda campaign was organised, but when the truth came out "nobody wanted to talk about it". He recalled that Russian troops left Bucha on 30 March and there have been no reports of the dead civilians until recently.

"Over the next three days, Bucha's mayor spoke on television there, saying that the city was returning to normal life; the armed forces of Ukraine appeared there, [media] showed the streets where there were no corpses. Well, three days later they apparently decided to shoot staged footage", Lavrov said.

Now that the staged video about Bucha is out the Western countries, namely the UK, will try to "dissolve this particular fake [...] in demagogic arguments about the nature of the Ukrainian crisis", the minister suggested.

The crimes of the Ukrainian armed forces, led by the nationalists, will not be left without consequences, Lavrov added. He explained that Moscow works with partners to hold these perpetrators accountable under the standards of international law and with the backing of solid evidence.

Russia Will Convey Its Position on Bucha Despite UK's Opposition in UNSC

Lavrov unveiled that Russia's second attempt to convey a UN Security Council meeting to discuss Ukraine's provocation in Bucha was unsuccessful. He did not elaborate but recalled that the first attempt, which had been undertaken on 3 April, was shot down by the UK currently presiding over the council.

The top diplomat assured the attendees of the press conference that Moscow will present its case and evidence on the "true nature of events in Bucha", which the West is currently trying to present to the world as war crimes allegedly committed by Russia, to journalists in New York. He explained that the Russian Permanent Envoy to the UN will organise a press conference in the city to present this evidence.

Lavrov Hits Back at Biden Over Bucha Comment

The foreign minister also lashed out at US President Joe Biden, who once again called President Vladimir Putin a "war criminal" citing Kiev's accusations of alleged killings in Bucha. Lavrov noted that some of American politicians "have issues" with their conscience.

"First of all, the fact that many American politicians, who stood at the origins of the Iraqi war under well-known pretexts, who ruined Libya together with NATO partners, who invaded Syria - these politicians, they must have issues with their conscience", the diplomat said.

He added that Moscow is mostly interested in how Russian people assess the situation in Ukraine.

On the Course of Russia-Ukraine Negotiations

The Russian Foreign Minister also commented on the progress made in the Russia-Ukraine talks on ending the special operation of the Russian troops, stating that "there is always hope" that an agreement will be reached eventually. According to him, the delegations continue active discussions in the format of the video conferences.

Lavrov noted progress made during the latest in-person meeting of the delegations, saying that Kiev's positions in the negotiations became more "realistic".

"[There were] more realism about the need to secure in the treaty the neutral status of Ukraine, its non-nuclear status [...] Undoubtedly, the position of the Ukrainian delegation showed much more realism regarding the status of Crimea and the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics", he said.

The top diplomat noted, however, that it remains to be seen how this "realism" will look like "on paper". Lavrov expressed hope that Ukraine will take into account into own interests and will take less advice from abroad.

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