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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova's comment on the UN Security Council vote on the Russian draft resolution on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine

25 March 2022 17:30

On March 23, the UN Security Council voted on the Russian draft resolution on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine, with the majority of the Security Council member states abstaining, thereby making its adoption impossible. We express our gratitude to China, which voted in support of our project, as well as to the countries that co-sponsored this draft.

The Russian document is based on generally accepted language on the subject of providing humanitarian assistance and has much in common with the similar Franco-Mexican draft humanitarian resolution on Ukraine submitted earlier to the Security Council.

However, our Western colleagues insisted on including openly anti-Russian language in the text and transferred any further work on the document from the Security Council to the General Assembly. Clearly, their goal is to take advantage of the majority of votes in the General Assembly and push through their confrontational initiative.

This move prompted us to submit an alternative depoliticised draft resolution to the Security Council, which, among other things, contains the requirement to ensure the full protection of civilians and respect for international humanitarian law, as well as a call for establishing humanitarian corridors for safe evacuation of civilians, including foreign nationals.

The absence of a Security Council resolution on this important matter is a significant blow to the efforts undertaken by the UN's organisations and agencies aimed at providing urgent humanitarian aid to the impacted people and redressing the situation in the areas affected by the conflict.

The outcome of the vote at the Security Council once again demonstrated the cynical approach of our Western colleagues who are not concerned about the situation of the Ukrainians on the ground. All they are concerned about is leveraging any, even a purely humanitarian, issue to exert pressure on Russia.

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