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'Indivisible security principle' established by the OSCE should be put into practice: Chinese envoy to the UN concerning Ukraine

Global Times

By Global Times Published: Mar 15, 2022 11:12 AM Updated: Mar 15, 2022 11:07 AM

The world needs dialogue and cooperation, and does not need a new Cold War. Differences between countries in national interests, social systems and ideologies should not become obstacles to dialogue, nor should they become reasons for confrontation, Zhang Jun, Chinas permanent representative to the United Nations, said at the UN Security Council on Monday.

The Ukraine crisis makes us think how to safeguard the peace and stability of the international system and the real way out for general security and common development. The world enters a new era when dialogue and cooperation bring a broader not narrower path, Zhang said. "Differences between countries in national interests, social systems and ideologies should not become obstacles to dialogue, nor should they become reasons for confrontation."

The world is indivisible, and security is indivisible. The indivisible security principle was first established by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), which is of special significance in the current situation and should be upheld and put into practice, he said.The Cold War ended long ago, and group confrontation-based Cold War mentality should be completely abandoned.

Sticking to the logic of hegemony and provoking confrontation between camps will only bring disaster to the world and exacerbate turmoil and division. This applies to Europe as well as other regions, Zhang said, adding that all countries should strengthen unity and work together for a shared future for mankind.

The final solution to the crisis in Ukraine is to respect sovereignty and territorial integrity of all states, respect the reasonable security concerns of all states, and observe the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, Zhang said, adding that all efforts toward the peaceful settlement of crises must be supported.

China, in that regard, will strengthen communication and coordination with all parties concerned and play a constructive role in promoting peace through negotiation, Zhang said.

At the UN Security Council, Zhang called for the international community to help sustain a positive momentum and support the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, and to create necessary conditions to that end.

Blindly relying on sanctions won't solve the problem, it will only create new problems, Zhang stressed.

China calls for maximum restraint, effectively safeguarding safety and basic needs of civilians, ensuring the safety of humanitarian corridors, and preventing a larger-scale humanitarian crisis. The international community should expand diplomatic efforts to prompt the de-escalation of the situation andtake it back to the track of diplomatic negotiations and political settlement for the Ukraine issue, Zhang noted.

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