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Global Times

US govt should reflect and work on easing tensions in Ukraine instead of passing the buck: Chinese FM

Global Times

By Global Times Published: Mar 03, 2022 08:17 PM

China called on the instigator of the Ukraine tensions to reflect on itself instead of passing the buck to China. The ministry made the remarks after a New York Times' false report that claimed China's pre-knowledge of Russia's military operation in Ukraine.

"It is purely false information. Such diversionary remarks intending to shirk responsibilities are despicable," said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin at Thursday's press conference, dismissing a NYT report which claimed that "senior Chinese officials had some level of direct knowledge" about Russia's plans of military operations.

Wang pointed out that the ins and outs of the evolution of the Ukraine issue to its current state today are very clear. "We all know very well the crux of the problem," he said.

"The former US ambassador to the Soviet Union George Kennan in the 1990s advised that the continued expansion of NATO against Russia would be the most fatal mistake in US' foreign policy, but the US government ignored his advice," said Wang, referring to a number of international media outlets' recent coverage.

Wang noted that the US experts on international issues and former lawmakers agree that the US government bears considerable responsibility for the deterioration of relations with Russia, noting that the administration can end the crisis by promising not to admit Ukraine into NATO, which it did not.

"We urge the instigator of this crisis to reflect on their role and take up responsibility to solve the problem by taking practical actions to ease the situation instead of passing the buck to others," Wang said.

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