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Kiev Urges Moscow to Return Servicemen Detained in Kerch Strait Incident

Sputnik News

07:03 26.11.2018(updated 08:08 26.11.2018)

KIEV (Sputnik) - Kiev is demanding that Moscow return sailors from the Ukrainian Navy ships seized for violating the Russian state border, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

"Ukraine demands to provide urgent medical assistance to the wounded and to ensure their immediate and safe return home. Ukraine also demands to return the captured navy ships and to compensate for the damages caused," the ministry said in a statement.

Kiev also urged its allies to provide military assistance.

"Ukraine is urging its allies and partners to take all necessary measures to deter the aggressor, i.e. by applying new and strengthening existing sanctions, as well as by providing Ukraine with military assistance to protect its territorial integrity and sovereignty within the internationally recognised borders," the ministry said.

A spokesman for the FSB Border Directorate for Crimea, Anton Lozovoy, said earlier in the day that the vessels seized were being convoyed to the port of Kerch and that three slightly wounded Ukrainian soldiers had received medical assistance.

Earlier, Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) reported that three ships of the Ukrainian Navy – Berdyansk, Nikopol and Yana Kapu – had been seized after violating Russia's state border.

The Ukrainian ships did not react to legal demands of the ships accompanying them and made dangerous maneuvers, the FSB noted. A criminal case over the violation of the state border of Russia has been initiated.


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