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Ukraine's Foreign Ministry Sends Note of Protest Accusing Moscow of Aiding Donbas Forces

RIA Novosti

19:19 04/11/2014

KIEV, November 4 (RIA Novosti) -Ukraine's Foreign Ministry has submitted a note of protest to Russia's Foreign Ministry, accusing Moscow of providing military aid to independence supporters in the Donbas, the Ministry's spokesperson said Tuesday.

'Russia continues to send military equipment, weapons and regular forces to Ukraine on a regular basis. Yesterday Ukraine's Foreign Ministry sent a note to the Russian foreign service, expressing strong protest against the ongoing acts of Russian aggression towards Ukraine,' Ukrainian Foreign Affairs Ministry representative Yevhen Perebiynis said. However the Ukrainian side once again failed to support its accusations with any proof.

Perebiynis said that in its note the Ukrainian side had reiterated that 'such actions constitute a blatant violation of the UN Charter, [as well as] the norms and principles of international law.'

Kiev authorities and the West have been accusing Russia of meddling in Ukraine's internal affairs since the reunification of Crimea with Russia in March. Moscow has denied any involvement in the Ukrainian crisis and played a part in the peaceful resolution of the conflict between Kiev's forces and independence supporters of the country's eastern regions.

The crisis in Ukraine escalated when Kiev authorities launched a military operation against independence supporters in eastern Ukraine in mid-April. Following months of bloodshed, the conflicting sides signed a ceasefire agreement on September 5 in Minsk.

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