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Moscow says Kiev should return to real ceasefire to save lives - Russian FM

1 July 2014, 16:33 -- The number of casualties grew after the announced truce in Ukraine and so a ceasefire should be resumed, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. 'Unfortunately, the number of casualties among civilians grew in the first hours after Kiev ended the ceasefire on June 30. We demand the Ukrainian authorities stop attacking peaceful cities and villages in the country and return to real, not a supposed, ceasefire in order to preserve lives,' the Russian Foreign Ministry declared.

According to the Foreign Ministry's information, peaceful cities and settlements were under heavy artillery fire throughout the night and morning on June 1. 'A minibus came under fire by Ukrainian law enforcement in Kramatorsk in the Donetsk region. Four people died and five were wounded,' the statement said.

'That is the truth. And it can not be concealed. One will have to be held liable for crimes against civilians,' the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Ukrainian President Petr Poroshenko said on July 1 that he decided to end the truce, which lasted ten days - starting June 20. However,the fighting continued throughout the whole period.

Poroshenko's refusal to extend the ceasefire will not sway the work of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe's (OSCE) monitoring mission, Interfax reports first deputy prime minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic Andrei (DPR) Purgin saying.

Since combat operations never really stopped during the announced truce, now that the truce is over there are no radical changes that could derail the OSCE mission. If it does go off track, there will be other reasons to hold responsible, Purgin told Interfax.

The parliamentary speaker of the Lugansk People's Republic (LPR) Alexei Karyakin earlier stated at a press conference that the OSCE will monitor the situations in both the Lugansk and the Donetsk People's Republics. The DPR's deputy PM said that Donetsk is expecting the first OSCE teams of experts to arrive the in the middle of the week.

Kiev's cancel of truce undermines diplomatic efforts of Russia, Germany, France-Moscow

Kiev's cancelling truce and sudden activation of battle actions have undermined an important diplomatic move developed upon the joint order of leaders of Russian, German, French leaders but the efforts to return the situation to negotiating table should be continued, the Russian Foreign Ministry said. Kiev said it was 'ready to go for this only after unconditional bilateral ceasefire is set.'

Kiev refused at the last moment to release the declaration of the Russian, German, French and Ukrainian foreign ministers supporting Moscow's proposals on joint control, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated following the telephone conversation held by the four foreign ministers on June 30.

Four die under attack launched by Kiev forces after Poroshenko terminated ceasefire

Four people died, many others got injured when a minibus came under fire in Kramatorsk on early Tuesday, that is according to the Donetsk regional administration. 'Today early in the morning, after a minibus came under fire in Kramatorsk, four people died and another five sustained different injuries. The people injured were brought to healthcare facilities in the city,' the document said.

In Slavyansk, following fire of Ukrainian law enforcers at the Karachun Mountain, the television tower on top on the mountain collapsed, according to witnesses' reports on social media. The cables holding the tower have been ruptured, no injuries were reported.

After Ukrainian President Petr Poroshenko terminated ceasefire, the military forces began an operation 'on destroying terrorist groups' in the south-east, that is how Kiev calls civilians and residents in eastern Ukraine.

According to the UNIAN agency, aviation and artillery strikes are made on strongholds and positions of the self-defense forces. Another Ukrainian daily Pravda confirmed that aviation and artillery were used in the attack. Citing sources from the headquarters of the military operation's commanders, the paper said strikes were carried out against the positions of 'anti-government forces.'

On Tuesday, several explosions hit two sections of the Donetsk railroad, according to the reports by the Ukrainian Interior Ministry PR department for the Donetsk railroad.

Source: Moscow-says-Kiev-should-return-to-real- ceasefire-in-order-to-save-lives-Russian-FM-4128/

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