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Kiev's air raid on Lugansk grossly violates Geneva deals, OSCE roadmap - Russia

2 June 2014, 21:25 -- Russia on Monday condemned the Kiev authorities' air raid on the eastern Ukrainian city of Lugansk. 'On June 2, the Kiev authorities committed another crime against their own people. As a result of a bombardment by the Ukrainian Armed Forces aviation of the Lugansk Region State Administration building, Ukrainian civilians were killed,' the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Monday.

'What happened shows the Kiev authorities' blatant unwillingness to follow the path of seeking a nationwide accord in the country,' the ministry said.

'Once again, Kiev has grossly violated the deals agreed in the Geneva statement of April 17 and developed in the roadmap by the OSCE Swiss presidency,' it said.

At least 5 dead after Ukrainian Air Force strikes Lugansk self-defense forces

At least five people have been killed and many more injured in an air strike by the Ukrainian Air Force on the Lugansk city administration building, in eastern Ukraine, a RIA Novosti correspondent reported on Monday. A massice fire started in the headquarters after the fighter jets attacked. Smoke can be seen rising from fourth-floor windows. The injured are being removed the building, at least six ambulances have arrived in the area.

An independence supporter who left the building said there were 'many killed and injured inside.' It was earlier reported that several military airplanes flew over the city, followed by heavy gunfire in the city center. The shooting caused panic among civilians.

Earlier self-defense forces in Lugansk started evacuating civilians from a residential area on the city outskirts that came under heavy fire after hours-long clashes between freedom fighters and border guards loyal to the newly-elected Kiev government.

The battle began at 1 am GMT. Fifteen border guards surrendered to self-defense forces, according to Valery Bolotov, head of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People's Republic. The Ukrainian security operation in southeastern Ukraine continues despite a memorandum on peace and accord adopted by parliament ahead of the May 25 presidential vote. The operation has killed scores of people on both sides.

Russia's Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, said earlier that Ukraine must immediately move to stop the violence and launch nationwide dialogue following the presidential vote.

One killed, ten wounded after Ukrainian Air Force attack Lugansk administration building

One person was killed and ten wounded in a bomb attack by the Ukrainian Air Force on the regional administration building in the east Ukrainian city of Lugansk, the press office of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People's Republic said on Monday. 'As of now, it is known that one was killed and at least ten were wounded,' the press office said.

Earlier reports said the bomb attack had destroyed the building's facade to the left of the front entrance. Self-defense militia told ITAR-TASS civilians could be among the wounded.

Ukrainian National Guard attack militia near Lugansk - self-defense

The attempts by militia fighters to seize control over a border guard unit in the outskirts of Lugansk were met with fierce resistance from the National Guard's special-forces unit, the local self-defense headquarters told Interfax on Monday. He said one self-defense activist was injured and reports about one fatality are being checked. The self-defense claimed their adversary sustained significant losses.

'We and the mothers of the border conscripts went to peacefully negotiate the surrender the border guards based in the Mirniy micro-district in southern Lugansk, given that it was specifically pre-arranged with the border guards. However, we came under fire from the national guard's special forces located on the border unit's grounds. Border guards are not shooting at us,' the source said.

'They have about 15-20 of their people killed,' a headquarters representative said.

He said the National Guard's special forces were firing mortars at self-defense activists.

'Shells are blowing up, we are under mortar fire. A mortar shell has hit a flat on the seventh floor of a building, people had managed to leave the house on time, no one is hurt,' the militia headquarters spokesman said.

He said residents are leaving the micro-district and moving in with their relatives on the opposite end of Lugansk.

For his part, spokesman for the Lugansk People's Republic (LPR) Vladimir Inogorodskikh told Interfax that the fighting near the border guard base has stopped temporarily.

'We have a ten-minute-old piece of information that clashes have stopped and talks are under way. Talks are being held to ensure the release of our Lugansk boys (conscripts) from there,' Inogorodskikh said.

'Our demands right from the start were for our Lugansk people (conscripts) to leave the base, but they (the national guards) opened fire,' the source said.

'About 20 army conscripts voluntarily surrendered and left the base. Border guards allowed an ambulance vehicle into the grounds to remove those injured,' the LPR spokesman said.

Five members of self-defense forces killed in Lugansk - Ukrainian Border Guard Service

The shooting at the Lugansk border guard unit continued as of 10:30 a.m. local time, the Ukrainian Border Guard Service has reported. 'The situation has not changed dramatically: the shooting continues. It has been going for seven hours without interruption,' Oleg Slobodyan, the head of the agency's press service, told Interfax.

'There is information that five militants have been killed and eight militants have been wounded and up to ten border guards have been wounded. .

Information on the fighting near the place where the Lugansk border guard unit is stationed was earlier released by the press service for the Ukrainian Border Guard Service.

Fighting near Lugansk border unit's department is underway - Ukrainian Border Service

Militiamen have engaged in a fight near the Lugansk border unit's department; border guards have casualties. 'About a hundred armed men drove up towards the Lugansk border unit's department at approximately 00:30 am and took positions along the perimeter.

The first attack using submachine guns and under-barrel grenade launchers began at about 4:00 am and lasted for some 40 minutes. The border guards successfully deterred the attack,' the Ukrainian State Border Service reported.

The assailants regrouped and launched another attack.

This time 'snipers opened aimed fire from positions at the windows of an apartment building,' the report said.

The second and third attacks were also deterred. The border guards sustained casualties, the Border Service said.

'The total number of the attackers exceeded 200. The border guards informed associated and anti-terrorism operation forces about the incident. A fighter jet was sent on a supportive mission but it could not deliver aimed fire in the city,' it said.

Ukrainian army roadblock put under fire near Slavyansk

A Ukrainian army roadblock near Slavyansk, Donetsk region, was put under fire early on Monday morning, Ukrainian military operation spokesman Vladyslav Seleznev wrote on Facebook. He said the servicemen returned fire and the shooting stopped.

Forces engaged in the Slavyansk operation continue to fulfill their missions, including the restoration of 'law and order in the region' and the blocking and killing of militiamen who refuse to lay down arms, Seleznev said.

'Sufficient numbers of servicemen and military hardware have been assigned to accomplish these missions,' he emphasized.

Meanwhile, the Slavyansk militia headquarters reported the Ukrainian servicemen injured five civilians on Sunday.

Five civilians were wounded in today's mortar, howitzer and helicopter fire on the city. The shooting ended at about 9 pm Moscow time,' the Slovyansk militia headquarters said.

Five civilians wounded in shooting in Slavyansk - self-defense

Ukrainian servicemen injured five civilians in the course of the military operation in Slavyansk on Sunday, city militiamen told Interfax.

'Five civilians were wounded in today's mortar, howitzer and helicopter fire on the city. The shooting ended at about 9 pm Moscow time,' the Slavyansk militia headquarters said.

It said the Ukrainian servicemen were shooting on Artemovsk, Semyonovka, Cherevkovka and Stroymash neighborhoods and Slavyansk residents were preparing to spend the night in bomb shelters.

A skirmish between Ukrainian forces and Lugansk militia has been going on for more than two hours in Lugansk in Ukraine, RIA Novosti says. The militia tried to capture the military unit of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. However, the frontier guards refused to surrender.

At least one militiaman has died due to a gunshot wound to the head. This took place while he was shooting from an ambush, RIA Novosti says.

Ukrainian forces have sent a fighter into the region that flies above the city from time to time. No data about people killed or injured is available. Earlier on Monday Lugansk militia reported on a shelling in the south of the city.

Source: Lugansk-grossly-violates-Geneva-deals-OSCE-roadmap-Russia-0058/

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