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Unclear gas causes poisonings in Ukraine's Mariupol city council building - media

7 May 2014, 20:13 -- Several people were poisoned with an unidentified gas in the city council building in Mariupol, Donetsk region, local media said in Wednesday. The newspaper Ilyichyovets said one person had been diagnosed with poisoning with unclear gas. There were other causes of injury as well, with seven people receiving first-degree chemical-inflicted eye burns, and one man hospitalized in a state of alcoholic intoxication and with multiple lacerations on both hands.

'The doctors are making no comment on who these people are, they have given necessary medical assistance to all those who needed it,' the paper said.

A report on city website 0629.com.ua said 'Donetsk People's Republic' activists who went into the building after police removed a cordon around it at about 10 a.m. felt bad after inhaling gas that the police had allegedly used inside the night before, Interfax reports.

'Ambulances were called in for them. At the moment there are five ambulances parked outside the council, and some of the casualties were taken to the hospital,' the report said.

It said there were about 1,000 people outside the building currently, and that activists were guarding the entrance and claiming there was nobody inside. 'The situation is quiet. There are no police in sight,' the report said. It said five 'Donetsk People's Republic' and Russian flags were hanging on the building.

A report on the Novosti Mariupolya website confirmed that people were fainting when entering the building.

'People started fainting when going in - apparently, there remained fumes of teargas or another chemical inside. One of the men went inside the mayor's office to look for his son and fainted right on the steps,' the report said.

Interfax has been unable to obtain an official confirmation of the reports, but earlier the Interior Ministry claimed, citing Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, that the whole of Mariupol was under Ukrainian government control.

Several people injured in clashes in Mariupol - eyewitnesses

Several people were injured during clashes with the Ukrainian national guards near the regional internal affairs directorate building in Mariupol, the Donetsk Region. The meeting in defence of protesters detained earlier, during a special operation, was dispersed, one of the activists told RIA Novosti.

The local health centre reports that several people were injured but there is no information about any arrests. Now the streets are empty, only a few people are keeping an eye on the situation, the activist said over the phone from Mariupol.

Earlier, about 200 people took part in a meeting near the Primorsky regional internal affairs directorate in Mariupol where activists had been brought after a special night operation. The activists' families feared that the national guards could take the detained people out of the city.

Clashes between the militants and law enforcers from Kiev took place in Mariupol in the last 24 hours. Earlier, a member of the local militia told RIA Novosti that during the night the building that was under federalisation supporters' control was filled with gas, so the people had to leave. Eye-witnesses say that afterwards about 50 men with machine-guns started shooting in the air, detained 20 self-defence militants and delivered them to the Primorsky regional interior affairs directorate. At present, 16 people remain in detention.

Ukrainian flag removed 3 hours after being hoisted near city council HQ in Mariupol - website

The Ukrainian flag hoisted around 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday near the city council headquarters in Mariupol, Donetsk region, was taken down about three hours later, with several hundred supporters of the 'Donetsk People's Republic' gathering outside the building, a statement on Mariupol's 0629 website said.

'It has also become known that Interior Forces soldiers have left the area around the city council to the applause of the demonstrators. Since the morning, they had controlled the entire area in front of the mayor's office, from where the barricades were being removed. Now they are near the administration, and people have surrounded them,' the statement said.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Ukrainian Interior Ministry said that in the morning the city council building had been wrenched from pro-federalization activists with several of them being arrested, Interfax reports.

Ukrainian authorities restore control over Mariupol - acting Interior Minister

Mariupol has been completely unblocked, Ukrainian acting Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said.

'The city is under the authorities' control,' the Ukrainian Interior Ministry website quoted Avakov as saying on Wednesday.

'During the operation servicemen of the Azov special purpose battalion of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry and 72nd infantry brigade of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry distinguished themselves. Mariupol is completely unblocked, traffic on streets and access to all administrative buildings is open,' Avakov said.

The building of the Mariupol city council has been freed from anti-Maidan activists, the Ukrainian special services said in the morning, Interfax reports.

Mariupol city council under control of gov't forces - Ukrainian media

The local self-defense forces were pushed out of the building of the Mariupol city council in the Donetsk region in the early hours of Wednesday, Channel Five television reports, according to Interfax.

The media have reported that the the Mariupol voluntary people's guards have taken control of the building.

Dozens of tires were burned in the center of Mariupol, and sporadic shooting was heard in different parts of the city all night, they said.

Activists who were inside the city council building also blocked some central streets to traffic. In particular, the central street, Lenin Avenue, was blocked by vehicles on both sides, and then tires and an electric bus were set on fire.

As of Wednesday morning, the central part of the city was reopened to traffic.

Kiev says activists in eastern Ukraine to be 'liquidated or captured'

The interim Ukrainian president's chief aide on Wednesday promised that all anti-Maidan activists in eastern cities of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk would be 'liquidated or captured.' Early on Wednesday, four pro-federalization activists 'were liquidated' in the city council building in Mariupol, and 16 people were detained, he said.

Ukraine's parliament backs new partial mobilization decree

The Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada approved a partial mobilization decree of the interim president with 251 votes at a closed-door session on Tuesday. Mobilization will last for 45 days from when the decree takes effect. Recruitment of servicemen, among them reservists, and provision of vehicles for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the National Guard, the Ukrainian Security Service and other military units will be done in the amounts set by mobilization plans.

The interim president declared partial mobilization in the Vinnytsya, Volyn, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Zhytomyr, Trans-Carpathian, Zaporozhzhye, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kiev, Kirovograd, Lugansk, Lvov, Nikolayev, Odessa, Poltava, Rovno, Sumy, Ternopol, Kharkov, Kherson, Khmelnitsky, Cherkassy, Chernovtsy and Chernigov regions and the city of Kiev.

Source: http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2014_05_07/ Unclear-gas-causes-poisonings-in-Ukraines- Mariupol-city-council-building-media-0376/

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