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Russia Compiles 'White Book' of Human Rights Violations in Ukraine

RIA Novosti

14:35 05/05/2014

MOSCOW, May 5 (RIA Novosti) – The Russian Foreign Ministry has compiled a "White Book" that describes the most heinous human rights violations perpetrated during the crisis in Ukraine, the ministry said in a statement Monday.

"It is founded on informational material from Russian, Ukrainian and other Western media, as well as from statements from the leaders of 'the new authorities' in Ukraine and their supporters, from witnesses, as well as observances and interviews from the place of events collected by Russian NGOs," the ministry said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry stressed that the collection of facts, covering the period from last November until March, "shows the grossest violations of the fundamental international principles and norms in the area of human rights committed by the monopolizing protesters of Euro-Maidan and its radical nationalists, and sometimes with the direct promotion of the United States and the European Union, which confirms that these occurrences had a massive character."

The goal of the book is to draw attention by the world community to recorded facts.

On Monday, the Russian Presidential Human Rights Council also called on the United Nations and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe to pressure Ukraine into providing foreign humanitarian missions access to the regions affected by violence in order to provide medical and psychological assistance to victims.

The OSCE has echoed Moscow's concerns over the human rights situation in Ukraine, criticizing country's authorities for banning journalists from entering its territory and other widespread infringements on press freedom.

The rights report comes as Ukraine has entered the third day of mourning for 46 victims of a massacre in Odessa on Friday by a gang of raving football fans and pro-coup Right Sector members, who arrived to the southern port city on the Black Sea from Kiev and elsewhere in the country.

The Turchinov administration in Kiev laid all the blame for the massacre on law enforcement, while ignoring the role that ultra-right members of Right Sector militia played in the assault that killed over 40 and injured some 200 peaceful demonstrators.

The Russian Foreign Ministry called the Odessa tragedy a result of "criminal irresponsibility of the Kiev leadership indulging insolent nationalist radicals, including Right Sector, who are staging a campaign of physical terror against supporters of federalization and real constitutional changes in the Ukrainian society.'

Russia has repeatedly urged the international community to condemn the Kiev authorities for launching a military operation against pro-federalization supporters in the southeast of the country and encouraging nationalistic radicals in threatening the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine.

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