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'Interethnic conflicts in Crimea are myth' - Crimea's Deputy PM

23 March 2014, 23:47 -- In an interview with Krymiform news agency, Crimea's Deputy Prime Minister Olga Kovitidi said that no conflicts between nationalities exist in Crimea. "These conflicts are being artificially provoked by people who have recently seized power in Ukraine," Ms. Kovitidi said, "and who are trying to pursue their own goals by stirring such conflicts."

"However, in reality, although people of many nationalities live in Crimea, they have never conflicted against each other," she added. "True, we have some radical political forces like, say, an organization called "Mejlis of Crimean Tatars", but it would be wrong to say that all Tatars in Crimea are supporting it. Within many centuries, Crimea's residents considered their peninsula a part of Russia, they used to say: "God is with us, and Russia is with us."

"Speaking about Crimean Tatars," Olga Kovitidi continued, "I would like to mention that under the previous Ukrainian authorities, many of them were dissatisfied that there were very few Tatars in local governments in Crimea. Now that Crimea has become a part of Russia, this problem has already been solved."

"Being a part of Russia is now guaranteeing higher living standards, higher salaries and wages, higher pensions for Crimea's population," the Deputy Prime Minister continued.

"A person who lives in a country that can defend his or her interests can be sure that his or her future will be safe and stable," Olga Kovitidi said. "Now, Crimea's people are living in such a country, which is called the Russian Federation."

Voice of Russia, TASS

Source: http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2014_03_23/ Interethnic-conflicts-in-Crimea- are-myth-Crimeas-Deputy-PM-9038/

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