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Donetsk's residents stop attack on security service's building

15 March 2014, 20:21 -- In the Ukrainian city of Donetsk, a rally's participants stopped an attack on the building of the state security service after the head of the service came out to them and promised to release the arrested supporters of the interests of ethnic Russians, including the city's Governor Pavel Gubarev.

In Donetsk, where about half of the residents are ethnic Russians, many people now do not support the new Ukrainian government, which, as they believe, is infringing the interests of Russians.

If the head of the security service quickly agreed to release the other arrested activists, he was not inclined at first to free Gubarev. Finally, he promised to free the governor in 4 hours.

However, later, the security service's head left the building through a back door.

The protesters are planning to come to the security service's building tomorrow as well, although they are concerned that activists from the so-called "Right-Wing Sector" (a radical group that supports the new government) may also come there.

On Sunday, opponents of Ukraine's new authorities in Donetsk demanded the release of Governor Pavel Gubarev and 70 other supporters of the interests of ethnic Russians, who were arrested on Friday. 10,000 protesters surrounded the building of the local state security service, tried to break out the doors and broke the windows' glasses. They also tore down the Ukrainian flag from off the building.

Voice of Russia, Life News

Source: Donetsks-residents-stopped-the-attack-on- the-security-services-building-1600/

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