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Ukraine: Crimea referendum on region's status to be held on May 25

27 February 2014, 21:59

The special session of the Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea has adopted a resolution on organizing and holding a Republican referendum concerning improvement of the status and powers of the ARC, the press service of the Parliament reported to the journalists today.

'61 out of 64 registered deputies have voted for the resolution. The referendum will take place on May 25.

The question to be submitted for discussion: 'The ARC enjoys a state autonomy and is part of Ukraine on the basis of contracts and agreements'. Variants of answers are 'for' and 'against', said the press service.

The Presidium of the Crimean Parliament was instructed to work out and approve the procedure of organizing and conducting the referendum and to take the decisions necessary for ensuring its organization and holding.

The ARC Council of Ministers was instructed to provide financial and logistical support of the organization and holding of the referendum.

Ukraine: Crimean parliament sacks local gov't

The Crimean parliament on Thursday voted no-confidence in the Crimean Council of Ministers, said Olga Sulnikova, head of the information analysis department in the Crimean Supreme Council secretariat.

The resolution was favored by 55 of the 64 Crimean parliamentarians, she said.

Under the resolution, the Crimean Supreme Council has recognized the Crimean Supreme Council's performance in 2013 as unsatisfactory and expressed no-confidence in the Crimean government.

The same parliamentary resolution terminates the mandate of the Crimean Council of Ministers.

The parliament also relieved Anatoliy Mohyliov from his duties as chairman of the Crimean Council of Ministers under Article 136 of the Ukrainian Constitution.

The document was passed with immediate effect.

Ukraine: Crimean parliament initiates referendum on autonomy's future

The Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea has announced its intention to hold a referendum on the autonomy's future, says the statement of the Crimean parliament's presidium.

'Crimeans, peace and quiet in Crimea are under threat due to an unconstitutional power grab by radical nationalists, supported by armed gangs', the press secretary of the Chairman of the Supreme Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Oksana Korniychuk, said in a statement.

'Yesterday's clash outside the Crimean Parliament building, resulting in bloodshed and human casualties, is due to the rampage of political extremism and violence that's swept over the country. Ukraine is spiralling into absolute chaos, anarchy and economic disaster. Given the situation, the Supreme Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea as the topmost representative body of government and basing itself on the expression of will of the Crimeans who have elected it, is assuming full responsibility for the future of Crimea'.

'Abiding by the founding canons of democracy, the Presidium of the Crimean Parliament sees the application of the principles of direct government by the people as the only possible way out of the situation that's taken shape. We are certain that it is only the holding of an All-Crimea referendum on improving the status of autonomy and expanding its powers that will help the residents of Crimea to determine the future of their autonomy by themselves, without any external pressure or diktat', the statement points out.

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