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Russia urges West, NATO to realize responsibility for Ukraine's failed peace deal

27 February 2014, 19:39

The Russian Foreign Ministry has called on foreign partners who encouraged opposition rallies in Ukraine to realize their responsibility to work towards an agreement on settling the situation.

'We call on those foreign partners who originally encouraged the protests by the opposition, initiated and supported the Agreement of February 21, to fully realize their responsibility for its implementation. Statements that this document has already played its role, are not serious,' a statement from the Russian Ministry reads.

Moscow also said that NATO is sending out 'the wrong signals' over the situation in Ukraine.

'It sends out the wrong signals when NATO begins to give consideration to the situation in Ukraine,' the Foreign Ministry said on its website on Thursday.

Moscow willing to cooperate with West in handling Ukraine crisis

Moscow said on Thursday it is wiling to cooperate with the West in trying to settle the crisis in Ukraine if this means seeking agreements that 'take account of the interests of the entire Ukrainian people and all partners of Ukraine'.

'We note increasingly frequent appeals to Russia from Western countries to cooperate on issues relating to the situation in Ukraine. We suggested this a long time ago, long before the crisis passed into the hot phase, but at that time it was not quite what our colleagues were disposed to do,' the Foreign Ministry said.

'Nevertheless, we are open to interaction, provided there is a clear understanding that this interaction is honest and based not simply on the ability to hold fruitful negotiations but also on the ability to comply with agreements that take account of the interests of the entire Ukrainian people and all partners of Ukraine,' the ministry said.

'The fulfillment of commitments under the Agreement of February 21 would be an important step along that path,' it said. 'On the other hand, constant attempts to make changes to agreed measures never have good outcomes. Nor does refusal to perceive the real situation holistically,' the ministry said.

Rada-approved Cabinet 'gov't of winners' - Russian Foreign Ministry

Instead of a national unity government, Ukraine has formed 'a government of winners' that included nationalist extremist representatives, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

'The agreement on a joint investigation into acts of violence and the obligation to set up a national unity government sank into oblivion. Instead, as was announced in Maidan, 'a government of winners' has been set up that includes representatives of nationalist extremists,' the ministry said on its website on Thursday.

John Kerry for US-Russia dialogue to standardize situation in Ukraine – Russian Foreign Ministry

During a telephone conversation US Secretary of State John Kerry told Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov that he stood for dialogue between Russian and the US over Ukraine, the Russian Foreign Ministry reports this Thursday.

'Kerry expressed his willingness to cooperate in order to standardize the situation in Ukraine. Russian representatives emphasized the importance of fulfilling current accords. First of all, it concerns the Ukrainian issue settlement accord, signed on February 21 by the Ukrainian president, the opposition, notarized by the Foreign Ministries of France, Germany, Poland and approved by the US,' the statement, published on the website of Russian Foreign Ministry, says.

Russia urges avoidance of provocative statements, respect Ukraine's neutrality - Moscow

The Russian Foreign Ministry counsels restraint and respect for Ukraine's neutral status.

'We strongly advise everybody to refrain from provocative statements and respect Ukraine's neutral status fixed in its law 'On the principles of Internal and Foreign Policy',' a Russian Ministry statement reads.

Change of power in Ukraine cannot be called constitutional – Russian State Duma speaker

A change of power in any country must take place in accordance with the law; what has happened in Ukraine cannot be considered to correspond to the Constitution, says State Duma speaker, Sergei Naryshkin.

'In my opinion, there is a constitutional way of electing authorities and changing authorities. With regard to what has happened in Ukraine we cannot say that it complies with the Constitution,' Sergey Naryshkin told journalists on Thursday during a visit to Turkey.

'As the Chairman of the supreme legislative and representative body of our country, I believe that any change of power should take place in accordance with the law and under the framework of the Constitution in any country, and not under the influence of arguments such as baseball bats, metal rods, paving stones and Molotov cocktails. It's quite obvious,' he stressed. At the same time, Sergei Naryshkin noted that the previous government had been criticized and had many shortcomings, 'it has discredited itself, obviously, and thus inspired peaceful protests'.

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Source: Russia-urges-West-NATO-to-realize- responsibility-for-Ukraines-failed-peace-deal-5388/

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