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Oleg Tyagnybok: neo-nazist, anti-Semite and one of the Maidan leaders

7 February 2014, 10:43

Out of all the extremist nationalists on the Maidan square, Oleg Tyagnybok is probably the most noticeable one. There are several reasons for that. First. He is the official leader of the legalized neo-Nazi party Svoboda (Freedom), which has a parliamentary faction in the Ukrainian parliament. Second, he is one of the "troika" or the Big Three of Maidan's leaders. This made him eligible for numerous photo-ops with Catherine Ashton, John McCain and a number of other Western dignitaries who came to support Ukrainian nationalists fighting what they call "bad guys in Russia."

The third reason comes last, but certainly it is not the least one. The Center of Simon Wiesenthal, which tracks anti-Semites around the world, has put Mr. Tyagnybok into the international top ten of Jew-haters. It should be noted that Mr. Tyagnybok certainly toiled a lot to deserve this title. Ten years ago, he called on the Ukrainian people to get rid of what he called "the Jewish-Russian mafia" which was allegedly running Ukraine.

If Mr. Tyagnybok limited himself to the word "Russian" in his description of the Ukraine-running mafia, this would earn him some title like "the European of the year" and Catherine Ashton and Herman van Rompey would want to shake kinds with him one thousand times more after their initial encounter in Munich. But the J-word was added, and this brought Mr. Tyagnybok some bad headlines even in the United States. A member of the top-five of Tyagnybok's party, named Igor Miroshnichenko, made things even worse by describing the Ukrainian-born Hollywood star Mila Kunis as, well, not entirely Ukrainian. In fact, Mr. Miroshnichenko described her, I quote, "a Yid who says nothing but bad things about the country where she was born."

Again, if Mila Kunis had nothing but scorn for the Soviet Union, for this was the true name of the country where she was born, this would be okay with the USA and Tyagnybok, who suggests outlawing all Soviet symbols in his party program. But Mila Kunis allegedly criticized Ukraine and this was something Tyagnybok's people could not stomach. So, instead of being a Ukrainian-born American, she became simply a Jew in their eyes.

The question remains: how long are the EU and the United States going to stomach Mr. Tyagnybok? The people whom Tyagnybok called the Jewish-Russian mafia are waiting for the answer.

Dmitry Babich

Source: Danilyuk-a-civil-society-organizer-with-burning- desires-and-fiery-substances-4052/

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