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UK criticised for excluding nuclear arms from defence review

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

London, June 17, IRNA -- Britain’s new coalition government has come under renewed fire for excluding controversial plans to replace the country’s nuclear Trident missile system from the current Strategic Defence Review.

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) said it is mystifying how Defence Secretary Liam Fox could express the need for a "clean break" from Cold War-legacy thinking without being willing to review the "greatest Cold War legacy" - the Trident nuclear weapon system.

"This is Back to the Future stuff. Liam Fox is saying we need to move on from Cold War thinking but reaching the same conclusions on defence that Margaret Thatcher did (in the 1980s). There can be no break from the Cold War without reconsidering Trident,” said CND chair Kate Hudson.

Hudson also drew attention to the election manifesto commitment maybe by the government’s junior partners, the Liberal Democrats, not to renew Trident.

"Where do the Liberal Democrats stand on this? Will they be proposing alternatives as the coalition agreement stated or have they accepted the Conservatives' decision?,” she asked.

She suggested that it was also incumbent on Harriet Harman as the Labour Party's acting leader, and all her would-be replacements, to show some leadership and call on the government to ensure a proper review including Trident.

CND are joining anti-war demonstrators in a protest on Budget Day next Tuesday, calling on the government to scrap Trident and save four billion a year on the futile Afghan war by bringing troops home rather than making cuts on schools, hospitals and public services.

Britain’s oldest and Europe’s biggest single issue peace movement has also been bombarding Fox and junior Lib Dem defence minister Nick Harvey with emails to ensure Trident is included in the defence review.


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