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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Iran Has 'Irrefutable Evidence' of Turkey-Daesh Cooperation

Sputnik News

21:49 07.12.2015(updated 21:56 07.12.2015)

Iran's Expediency Council Secretary Mohsen Rezaie said earlier that Tehran was ready to provide Ankara with necessary information regarding Daesh oil trade with Turkey.

"Iranian military advisors in Syria have taken photos and filmed all the routes used by ISIL's oil tankers to Turkey. If the Turkish authorities are unaware of the Daesh oil sales in their country, then we can provide them with such intelligence," Rezaie told reporters on Friday.

Talking to Sputnik Persian in an exclusive interview, Iranian diplomat and analyst Seyed Hadi Afghahi said, "It is important to point out a few key points. Firstly, it is important to understand whether it is sure that the purchase by Turkey of Daesh's stolen oil was carried out with the full knowledge of President Erdogan, his son and son in law."

He further said that as evidence there have been two sets of documents. The first was presented at the press conference of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, where all the details have been made public such as snapshots and videos that clearly and conclusively prove what was said. "These materials do not cause any doubts about their authenticity. The reaction of Erdogan and Turkish authorities can say one thing: they were stunned and shocked that Moscow has such evidence. This significantly affected the position of Turkey's NATO allies."

The analyst also said that it is not a secret that "our military advisers and trainers are in the immediate vicinity of the event. Our experts are involved in operations in three areas: strategic, tactical and informational. They are in contact with their Russian counterparts. Through the efforts of our countries (Russia, Iran, Syria, Iraq) the Information Centre for the fight against terrorists and Daesh was established."

"In addition, our experts are working closely with the Syrian army, the soldiers of the Lebanese 'Hezbollah' in the conduct of the fight against terrorists. Therefore, any exchange of intelligence between our military agencies, and ways to monitor traffic of trucks with contraband oil, heading in the direction of Turkey, is gathered in photographs and videos."

Aghahi said that if Turkish President Erdogan continues to deny this fact, "they will provide more irrefutable hard evidence such as photos, GPS navigation of the oil convoys and videos."

The expert also pointed out that the most striking proof of Turkey's cooperation with Daesh is the destruction of the Russian Su-24 military aircraft by a Turkish fighter, in Syria, not in Turkey. So the materials that prove Turkey's cooperation with Daesh are a matter of honor for Iran and Russia.

"It is time for Erdogan to stop his attacks, renounce his ambitions and resign. Especially because today even Western leaders condemn the actions of Erdogan and publicly declare that there are direct oil deals between Turkey and Daesh. In particularly, this was said by the US finance minister," Afghahi said.

"Germany also condemned the actions of Ankara. The immensely ambitious policy of President Erdogan fundamentally damaged relations with many countries. Ankara's actions ranging from the downed Russian plane, disrespectful remarks against the Iranian authorities, and the illegal invasion by Turkish tanks in the territory of another state – Iraq, all point to the fact that Erdogan is trying to ignite flames of new war in the already unstable region," Afghahi concluded.


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