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Turkish Foreign Ministry Undergoes Major Reshuffle Changing 16 Ambassadors

Sputnik News

16:15 20.09.2016(updated 16:17 20.09.2016)

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has undergone a major reshuffle with 16 of its ambassadors to other countries and international organizations recalled, swapped and otherwise changed, a decree published on Tuesday said.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – In particular, the ambassadors to Ireland, Thailand, Germany, Singapore, Myanmar, Jordan, Gambia and the permanent representative to UNESCO were recalled to the Foreign Ministry headquarters in Ankara, according to the Official Gazette of the Republic of Turkey.

The decree stated that EU Ministry Undersecretary Rauf Engin Soysal was appointed as Turkey's permanent representative to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). Former Ambassador to Ireland Ahmet Altay Cengizer was appointed as Turkey's permanent representative to UNESCO.

Murat Karagoz, the envoy to Mongolia, was appointed as Turkey's ambassador to Jordan, Nuri Kaya Bakkalbası, who had been serving as the envoy to Ecuador, was appointed as ambassador to Costa Rica, while Ali Rifat Koksal was appointed as ambassador to Tajikistan.

At the same time, Murat Lutem became Singapore's Ambassador, Haydar Kerem Divanlıoglu was appointed to Myanmar's mission, and Ismail Sefa Yuceer was appointed as ambassador to Gambia.

The last major reshuffle of ambassadors occurred in Turkey in February, as part of which the foreign ministry reshuffled five ambassadors, recalling four.


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