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Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) Statement: President deluded, misguided and even traitors; Peace Council in the administration of the country abroad confiscated!

Turkish Armed Forces


Valued citizens of the Republic of Turkey:

The violations of the constitution and law have been carried out in a systematic way; have become an important threat to the presence of the state in terms of basic skills and vital institutions, the Turkish Armed Forces, and all institutions of the state, including ideological designs to undermine and therefore become unable to finish their tasks.

Even the president and government authorities are engaged in vanities and heresies, and in infidelity; fundamental rights and freedoms are damaged, and secular and democratic forces of law hae virtually vanished.

Our state and the reputation it deserves in the international environment, universal basic human rights have been ignored, and become a country governed by autocracy based on fear.

Challenge to political decisions may incorrectly receive the administration a lot of innocent citizens and terrorists of terror stood back and cost lives.

Given the extent of serious corruption and theft within the bureaucracy, the country does not process the legal system provided to fight it.

Under this circumstance, and circumstances, under the leadership of our nation's supreme Ataturk's republic, the Turkish armed forces brought these extraordinary days is the guardian of her and of "peace at home, peace in the world":

-to safeguard the integrity of the nation and the stat,e to keep secure its survival,

-to avoid the dangers faced by our republic,

-eliminate the actual barriers in front of rule of law,

-disclosing national security threats which have become a block,

-fight with all kinds of terrorism and pave the way,

-basic universal human rights for all our citizens, regardless of their sect and ethnicity,

-a secular, democratic, social and legal state when again based on the principle of the constitutional order;

-win again our government and our nation's lost international reputation

-international environment of peace, stability, tranquility and supply when a stronger relationship and cooperation to any terms of administration.

The council of state's administration will be the constitute the peace at home.

Peace Council will take every precaution with partnerships with the UN, NATO and all other international obligations.

Lost political legitimacy to power. All individuals and organizations in the high treason as soon as equity and justice on behalf of our nation to take into account will be provided to give the courts jurisdiction to decide.

All barracks have been declared martial law.

A second will be implemented a curfew until further notice. Our citizens ' own security troops with precision this prohibition.

Airports, border gates and the additional measures for the exits provided abroad.

State when and as soon as possible of any measures taken for the maintenance of and practised. No citizens shall be allowed to result in harm, will not be given the opportunity of public corruption.

All without any distinction of citizens freedom of expression,rights of ownership, universal basic rights and liberty at the assurance of peace.

Peace Council unitary state structure covers all sectors of the community without distinction in language, religion, ethnicity, and the constitution will soon get set up okay, .

The Peace Council will admit every precaution on behalf of our nation - modern, democratic, social, constitutional order based on the principles of a secular law.


[ This is a rough, unofficial translation]

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