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DPP cannot escape 'iron law of destruction' despite begging for mercy from external forces: Taiwan Affairs Office

Global Times

By Global Times Published: Apr 19, 2022 02:11 AM

Responding to the Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authority leaders who are using the Ukraine situation to beg for mercy from external forces and smear the Chinese mainland, the Taiwan Affairs Office of China's State Council said on Monday that "no matter how secessionists collude with external forces to seek their 'independence,' it is hard to escape the iron law of history of disruption, failure, and eventually, destruction."

At a meeting hosted by Taiwan regional leader, Tsai Ing-wen, and vice regional leader, Lai Ching‑te, on Saturday, Tsai said that the island's position is to "insist on guarding sovereignty and democracy," especially with the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, "democratic countries face the threat of authoritarianism and people are concerned about Taiwan just as they are concerned about Ukraine."

Ma Xiaoguang, spokesperson of the Taiwan Affair Office of State Council, responded at Monday's press briefing that the DPP authority's remarks serve the purpose of misleading the public and the international opinion.

They have distorted the fact by selling the fallacy of the "two-country theory." Ma said, "Taiwan is a part of China and the Taiwan question has always been an internal affair of China."

The DPP authority is trying to deceive the world to cover up the fact that their provocation for secession is the cause of current tensions across the Taiwan Straits, Ma added.

"What's more, they have become the pawn to contain China's development by following external anti-China forces. They misjudged the situation and became obsessed with relying on external forces to back them up. At the same time, it revealed their lack of confidence in constantly seeking 'reassuring pills,'" Ma said.

"The future of Taiwan is determined by all Chinese people, and the Chinese have the overwhelming courage and ability to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity," Ma said.

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