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Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the People's Republic of China

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks on Issues Relating to Taiwan at the 74th Session of WHA

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the People's Republic of China


The General Committee and the Plenary Session of the 74th World Health Assembly (WHA) have respectively decided to reject the so-called proposal of "inviting Taiwan to participate in the WHAas an observer" submitted by certain countries. This demonstrates the shared international commitment to the one-China principle, an overriding trend that cannot be challenged.

In defiance of the aspiration of all parties and the well-being of Taiwan compatriots, the DPP authorities obstinately instigated their so-called "diplomatic allies" to make Taiwan-related proposals. A handful of countries have connived at this move, which goes against the trend of history and is doomed to fail. Relevant proposal has been rejected by the vast majority of countries in the world with a just stand. By the time the 74th session of the WHA opened, over 150 countries voiced their support for China's decision through diplomatic channels. More than 80 WHO members sent letters to the WHO to express their commitment to the one-China principle and opposition to Taiwan's participation in the WHA.

The Chinese Central Government always attaches great importance to the health and well-being of our compatriots in the Taiwan region. Under this precondition of abiding by the one-China principle, we have made appropriate arrangements for the Taiwan region's participation in global health affairs. Since the early stages of COVID-19, the Chinese Central Government has given the Taiwan region 260 updates about the situation, and approved participation by health experts from the Taiwan region in 16 WHO technical activities. There is an International Health Regulations Contact Point in the Taiwan region. Taiwan enjoys unimpeded channel and sound mechanism for information exchanges with the World Health Organization and countries in the world. The claim of a "gap" in global anti-epidemic efforts is groundless.

Once again, we urge the DPP authorities to drop its attempt of seeking Taiwan independence by taking advantage of the epidemic, which will end up nowhere. We also urges certain countries to stop politicizing the health issue and stop interfering in China's internal affairs by playing up the Taiwan issue. Otherwise, they are doomed to fail just like a man who lifts a rock only to drop it on his own feet.

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