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Taiwan holds military drill to test joint operations capabilities

ROC Central News Agency

04/16/2021 05:46 PM

Taipei, April 16 (CNA) An intensive military exercise was conducted in southern Taiwan earlier this week to assess the joint operational capabilities of the country's armed forces, according to the Military News Agency (MNA).

In a news release Thursday, the MNA said the drills were held over a two-day period and involved members of the 99th Marine Brigade and other branches of the military.

The drill began Wednesday, with Marines leading a simulated nighttime assault on the enemy, under the cover of live-artillery fire, at a training camp in the southern county of Pingtung, the agency said.

The next day, indigenous unmanned air system (UAS) drones were deployed to provide precise information for target bombings by the Air Force's Indigenous Defense Fighters (IDFs) and the Army's AH-1W Cobra attack helicopters, according to the news release.

The scenario also involved the shelling of enemy targets, using the Army's land-based artillery such as the 155mm Howitzer and other high-caliber guns, the MNA said.

The two-day exercise was supervised primarily by Mei Chia-shu (梅家樹), vice chief of the General Staff at the Ministry of National Defense, according to the news release.

Mei's role was to observe and assess the overall coordination and effectiveness of the military command and also to review the joint operational capabilities of Taiwan's armed forces, the agency said.

While the drill was in progress, China on Thursday began a live-fire exercise in waters off the Taiwan-held Dongsha Islands in the South China Sea.

(By Chung Yu-chen and Ko Lin)


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