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Military to hold emergency jet landing drill on Pingtung highway

ROC Central News Agency

04/04/2021 06:57 PM

Taipei, April 4 (CNA) Taiwan is scheduled to stage a series of emergency landings and takeoffs of its fighter jets, in its southernmost municipality in July, as part of this year's Han Kuang military exercises, sources told CNA Sunday.

For the first time, the drill will be held on the Jiadong section of Provincial Highway No. 1 in Pingtung County, one of five sections that were built to accommodate emergency military jet landings and takeoffs in the event of a war, the sources said.

The drill will simulate a scenario in which Taiwan's military and civilian airports and airstrips are seriously damaged by enemy fire, and the jets have to land on the highway, according to the sources.

Apart from the Jiadong section on the provincial highway in Pingtung, all the other emergency landing strips are on Freeway No. 1 -- on the Madou and Rende sections in Tainan County, Huatan section in Changhua County, and Minsyong section in Chaiyi County.

Those sections have all been tested before, with the exception of Jiadong, where the drills were called off in 2011 due to poor weather conditions.

The Han Kuang exercises, Taiwan's major war games, are held annually, in the form of live-fire drills and computerized war games.

(By Matt Yu and Joseph Yeh)


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