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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

ROC Ministry of National Defense

The Army Command issued a press release stating that the media reported that "the M41D chariot arrived in Kinmen to replace the old one. There are doubts about the safety of the explosion."

ROC Central News Agency


In response to media reports that "M41D tanks arrived in Kinmen to replace old tanks, there are concerns about explosion safety." The Army Command stated today (1) that the content of the report does not match the facts. The replacement of the M41D tanks is based on the actual needs of the outer islands. , To be handed in after the completion of the whole vehicle inspection and strict testing. The clarification is as follows:

1. The M41D tank was installed by the Ministry of Defense of the People's Republic of China. In response to the threat of the enemy and the type of warfare, the size, terrain, and geomorphology of the outer islands were taken into consideration, and the tank configuration was appropriately adjusted to strengthen its mobility, combat and night combat capabilities. Meet the actual needs of defense operations in outer islands.

2. The M41D tank brake system is a mechanical linkage. The headquarters has completed performance tests by the Ordnance Reconstruction Center before being transferred to the conference, and it will be transferred after it reaches the qualified standard. The brake system has no safety concerns.

3. The army will continue to review and revise the deployment of the outer island troops year by year in accordance with the threats of the enemy, the requirements for defense operations, and the acquisition schedule of weapons and equipment to enhance the overall defense capabilities, and appeal to the Chinese to rest assured and support the national defense policy.

Army spokesperson Yang An, Lieutenant General 0965-295908

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