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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

February 2019 - Taiwan Special Weapons News

  • China Denounces US Freedom of Navigation Talk as 'Pretext to Provocative Moves' Sputnik 28 Feb 2019 -- Just days after a US warship transited the Taiwan Strait and two sailed near the Spratly Islands, China's Defense Ministry accused Washington of "stirring up trouble" in the region, denouncing the US' freedom of navigation operations "as a pretext to conduct illegal and provocative moves."
  • Chinese bombers fly training missions near Taiwan: MND CNA 27 Feb 2019 -- The Ministry of National Defense (MND) said Wednesday that it closely monitored the movements of a number of Chinese military aircraft operating near Taiwan earlier in the day.
  • Military to hold emergency aircraft drill on freeway CNA 27 Feb 2019 -- The military will stage an emergency aircraft takeoff and landing drill on a freeway as part of the annual Han Kuang series of exercises this year, the Ministry of National Defense (MND) announced Wednesday.
  • Impact of China's '31 measures' exaggerated: MAC CNA 27 Feb 2019 -- China has "exaggerated" the effects of its "31 measures" to attract Taiwanese talent and investment, Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) said Wednesday after Beijing published a progress report on the initiative.
  • Two U.S. vessels pass through Taiwan Strait CNA 26 Feb 2019 -- Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense (MND) confirmed on Tuesday that two U.S. Navy vessels sailed through the Taiwan Strait earlier in the day, the second such transit made by U.S. military ships this year.
  • American Warship, Cargo Vessel Pass Through Taiwan Strait Amid US-China Tensions Sputnik 25 Feb 2019 -- Relations between Washington and Beijing have remained strained due to their bilateral trade dispute and continuing US naval operations in the disputed waters of the South China Sea.
  • Taiwan's national defense industry to create 8,000 jobs: president CNA 25 Feb 2019 -- President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) estimated Monday that Taiwan's national defense industry, boosted by the government's program to build naval ships at home, could create at least 8,000 "high-quality" jobs.
  • Official: China Will Step Up Military, Diplomatic Pressure Against Taiwan VOA 25 Feb 2019 -- China will increase military, diplomatic and other kinds of pressure against proudly self-ruled Taiwan to deliver on President Xi Jinping's demand in January that the two sides unify, a China policy maker in Taipei told VOA Monday.
  • Google images showing Taiwan's military locations removed: minister CNA 22 Feb 2019 -- The satellite imagery on Google Maps that raised public concerns because they exposed the locations of Taiwan's important military deployments have been removed from the web mapping service's platform, Minister of National Defense Yen De-fa (嚴德發) said Friday.
  • China Relations Shape Taiwan President's Re-election Campaign VOA 22 Feb 2019 -- Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen announced her re-election bid this week following a bump in public polling that came after she spoke out against Chinese President Xi Jinping's suggestion that Taiwan and China unify as one country.
  • Taiwan's president rejects potential opp. deal with China Press TV 20 Feb 2019 -- Taiwan's president says she is opposed to a potential peace initiative with China launched by the island's major opposition Kuomintang (KMT) Party.
  • Cross-strait peace pact bill not targeted at any person: Premier CNA 19 Feb 2019 -- The government's push to prioritize a bill during the Legislature's current session that would subject any peace agreement with China to a national referendum was not targeted at any person, Premier Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌) said Tuesday.
  • Premier Su declines to sign 'independence referendum petition' CNA 19 Feb 2019 -- Premier Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌) Tuesday indicated he would not sign a petition to change the Referendum Act so Taiwan can hold a referendum on independence as proposed by the pro-independence Formosa Alliance, saying Taiwan is already a sovereign country.
  • Premier opposes peace agreement with China CNA 19 Feb 2019 -- Taiwan should not sign a peace agreement with China, which is the least friendly nation to Taiwan, Premier Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌) said Tuesday.
  • Cabinet pushes bill for referendum on cross-strait peace treaty CNA 18 Feb 2019 -- The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government and legislators have agreed to prioritize a bill during the Legislature's current session that would subject any peace agreement with China to a national referendum.
  • Taiwan to talk with Google over exposed missile position CNA 15 Feb 2019 -- National security authorities will talk with Google over satellite imagery showing the exact locations of Taiwan's Patriot missiles on Google Map, Minister of National Defense Yen De-fa (嚴德發) said Friday.
  • MAC stresses need to tighten China visit rules by ex-officials CNA 15 Feb 2019 -- Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) head Chen Ming-tong (陳明通) defended a controversial proposal to limit visits by retired high-ranking Taiwanese military and political figures to China, saying it was necessary to restrict their behavior.
  • Google Accidentally Reveals Locations of Secret Taiwan Missile Sites Sputnik 15 Feb 2019 -- Google's latest 3D rendered maps of four Taiwanese cities have inadvertently revealed the locations of key missile defense locations on the self-governing island, including a previously-secret Patriot missile base. Now, Taipei is rushing to push the tech giant to blur the maps over those sites.
  • Taiwan Announces New Phase of Space Program, Hopes for Moon Mission Sputnik 15 Feb 2019 -- Taiwan's Ministry of Science and Technology has announced that the nation's space program has reached its third phase, during which it hopes to launch 10 satellites ‒ one every 18 months ‒ one of which would orbit the moon.
  • MAC seeks to tighten rules on visits to China by former civil servants CNA 13 Feb 2019 -- The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) said Wednesday that it is seeking to prohibit high ranking military officers and political appointees from participating in political activities in China for a period of 15 years after retirement.
  • Taiwan takes issue with Manila's South China Sea island buildup CNA 11 Feb 2019 -- Taiwan on Monday urged all parties involved to halt any action that could escalate regional tensions in the disputed South China Sea amid ongoing construction by the Philippines on an island it occupies in the disputed region.
  • Military plans to hold aircraft takeoff, landing drill on freeway CNA 11 Feb 2019 -- The military will stage an emergency aircraft takeoff and landing drill on a freeway as part of the annual Han Kuang series of exercises this year, the Air Force Command Headquarters said Monday.
  • U.S. supports Taiwan self-defense capability: Schriver CNA 08 Feb 2019 -- The United States continues to support Taiwan through the "faithful implementation" of the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA) which ensures the country has sufficient defense capability in the face of the growing threat from China, said Randall Schriver, U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense for Asian and Pacific Security Affairs, Thursday.

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