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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

January 2018 - Taiwan Special Weapons News

  • Taiwanese Military Practices Repelling Sea Invasion in Live-Fire Drills Sputnik 31 Jan 2018 -- Taiwan conducted live-fire drills on Tuesday to simulate fending off an amphibious invasion as tensions mount between Taipei, Beijing and Washington.
  • 'We Want Missile Strikes to End as Soon as Possible' – Turkish Town Residents Sputnik 29 Jan 2018 -- The Turkish border town of Kilis suffers from almost daily missile attacks from Syrian territory amid Ankara's ongoing military operation against Kurdish forces in Syria's Afrin.
  • Syrian Democratic Forces Down Turkish Drone - Press Center Sputnik 29 Jan 2018 -- The Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) continue countering Turkey's attacks after the launch of the Olive Branch military operation on January 20 in Syrian Kurdish-populated Afrin.
  • Turkish Forces Kill About 600 Militants Since Start of Afrin Op - General Staff Sputnik 29 Jan 2018 -- The Turkish Armed Forces have killed 597 militants belonging to the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), People's Protection Units (YPG) and Daesh since the beginning of the operation in Syria's northern district of Afrin, the Turkish General Staff said in a statement on Monday.
  • Turkish military captures strategic border peak Bursaya in Syria TRT World 29 Jan 2018 -- Eliminating terrorists from Mount Bursaya, which has been the base for the YPG's armories and ammunition, will help Turkey reduce the terror threat at its border and protect civilians in Syria.
  • Turkey's Afrin operation: The latest updates TRT World 29 Jan 2018 -- Turkey announced that it had launched "Operation Olive Branch" on January 20 to clear Syria's Afrin region of the YPG/PKK and Daesh, which Turkey considers to be a threat to its national security. TRT World has the latest updates on the operation.
  • Kurds Say Turkey Plans to Reshape Demographics in Northern Syria VOA 29 Jan 2018 -- Turkey's latest military incursion into northern Syria which it says is aimed at reining in Kurdish separatists will speed up the return of Syrian refugees to their homes, Turkish officials say. But Kurds are fearful Ankara plans to use the returnees to displace them and engineer a population shift.
  • MND plays down concerns over possible app leaks CNA 29 Jan 2018 -- In response to a recent U.S. daily report that a fitness tracker app widely used by military personnel could potentially expose the location of Taiwan's missile command center, Taiwan's military Monday brushed off such concerns but also promised to enhance personnel security.
  • Taiwan faces bigger challenges as China tightens grip: MAC CNA 29 Jan 2018 -- China has tightened its grip on Taiwan since May 2016 and there is no sign that it will change its strategy, Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Minister Chang Hsiao-yueh (張小月) said Monday.
  • Military aircraft to take Taiwanese in China home for holiday CNA 29 Jan 2018 -- Military aircraft will be used to transport Taiwanese in China home from Kinmen for the Lunar New Year holiday if both sides of the Taiwan Strait fail to reach a consensus on the controversial issue of the M503 route, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) said Monday.
  • China's handling of controversial flight routes key to ties: MAC CNA 29 Jan 2018 -- Taiwan urged Beijing on Monday to hold talks with Taipei on China's controversial new flight routes in the Taiwan Strait, saying that how China handles the issue will show whether it cares about what people think in Taiwan.
  • U.S. reiterates commitment to Taiwan, despite flag removal CNA 26 Jan 2018 -- The United States said Thursday that its policy and commitment toward Taiwan remains unchanged, despite the recent removal of the Republic of China (Taiwan) national flag from two U.S. government websites.
  • Convicted Chinese spy loses appeal against extended detention CNA 26 Jan 2018 -- A convicted Chinese spy's appeal against his extended detention was rejected Friday by Taiwan's Supreme Court.
  • Chinese pressure would only strengthen Taiwan unity: president CNA 23 Jan 2018 -- China believes that Taiwan would submit to its control if it continues to pressure Taiwan, but that would only strengthen the unity of the people of Taiwan, President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) said recently.
  • China remains likely to attack Taiwan: Taiwanese president Press TV 23 Jan 2018 -- Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen says the likelihood remains for China to launch an attack on the self-ruled island, which is recognized by most world countries as Chinese territory.
  • Taiwan's 2nd Apache combat squadron to enter service in mid-2018 CNA 21 Jan 2018 -- Taiwan's second squadron of Apache attack helicopters is likely to enter service later this year after the first combat squadron was commissioned last year under the Army Aviation and Special Forces Command, an army officer said Sunday.
  • Taiwan delays approval of Chinese flights over safety concerns: DPP CNA 21 Jan 2018 -- Taiwan withheld approval for two China-based airlines to operate extra cross-Taiwan Strait flights during the Lunar New Year period to highlight safety concerns over Beijing's unilateral launch of the M503 northbound route and three east-west extension routes, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) said Sunday.
  • MAC calls for cross-strait negotiation to resolve air dispute CNA 20 Jan 2018 -- Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Deputy Minister Chiu Chui-cheng (邱垂正) said Saturday that the two sides of the Taiwan Strait should begin negotiations on aviation issues related to Beijing's recent unilateral decision to launch a flight route close to the median line of the Taiwan Strait.
  • President calls for Beijing to resolve aviation issue: spokesman CNA 19 Jan 2018 -- Taiwan is calling for discussions with Beijing on aviation issues related to its recent unilateral decision to launch a northbound M503 route, Presidential Office spokesman Sidney Lin (林鶴明) said Friday.
  • CAA rejects China's accusation in M503 dispute CNA 19 Jan 2018 -- Taiwan's Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) on Friday expressed "strong regret" over China's condemnation of Taiwan's move to put extra Lunar New Year cross-strait flights on hold amid a dispute over the controversial M503 route.
  • 176 Lunar New Year flights put on hold due to M503 dispute CNA 18 Jan 2018 -- Taiwan's Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) confirmed a news report Thursday that it has provisionally delayed approval of applications by two China-based airlines to operate additional cross-strait flights during the Lunar New Year holiday in protest at China's unilateral decision to launch a northbound M503 route.
  • Chinese aircraft carrier enters Taiwan's ADIZ: MND CNA 17 Jan 2018 -- China's aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, entered Taiwan's air defense identification zone (ADIZ) in the early hours of Tuesday, sailing just west of the median line of the Taiwan Strait, the Ministry of National Defense (MND) said Wednesday.
  • U.S. thanks Taiwan for sanctions on oil sales to North Korea CNA 17 Jan 2018 -- The United States expressed gratitude to Taiwan Wednesday for imposing sanctions on a Taiwanese man and overseas companies he is thought to control for their alleged involvement in selling oil to North Korea in violation of United Nations sanctions imposed last year.
  • Chinese Aircraft Carrier Group Sails Through Taiwan Strait Sputnik 17 Jan 2018 -- China's sole active aircraft carrier and its carrier group sailed through the Taiwan Strait on Wednesday, Taiwanese authorities report, noting that no unusual activity was detected.
  • Taiwan to promote local defense industry and procure U.S. weapons: MND CNA 11 Jan 2018 -- Taiwan is determined to promote the development of its indigenous defense industry while at the same time maintaining stable relations with and making major weapons acquisitions from the United States, the Ministry of National Defense (MND) said on Thursday.
  • Taiwan Unveils Wishlist for Boosted Defense Spending to Match Beijing Sputnik 11 Jan 2018 -- The Taiwanese government has revealed their plans to initiate long-term increases in defense spending aimed at acquiring advanced weapons systems as a deterrent to mainland aggression. Tensions between Beijing and Taipei have continued to mount since relations broke down in 2016.
  • China attack on Taiwan unlikely during a Korean-U.S. war: scholars CNA 09 Jan 2018 -- Two American scholars on Monday expressed disagreement with a Canadian expert's view that if war breaks out between the United States and North Korea, China would use the opportunity to attack Taiwan.
  • U.S. opposes China's unilateral launch of new flight routes CNA 09 Jan 2018 -- The United States is concerned about China's unilateral activation of four aviation routes near the median line of the Taiwan Strait and opposes one-sided actions to alter the status quo across the strait, a senior U.S. policy advisor said Monday.
  • ICAO has yet to respond on new Chinese flight routes: source CNA 09 Jan 2018 -- Taiwan has expressed its concern to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) over Beijing's recent unilateral activation of four aviation routes close to the median line of the Taiwan Strait, a government source told local media Tuesday.
  • China new flight routes evoke angry response from Taiwan Press TV 08 Jan 2018 -- Tensions are once again rising between China and Taiwan. Beijing has recently expanded civil aviation routes over the Taiwan Strait. But the government in Taipei is now making its objections heard, arguing that the "irresponsible" move threatens regional security.
  • Taiwan Angry Over New Chinese Aviation Routes That 'Harm Regional Stability' Sputnik 08 Jan 2018 -- The president of Taiwan recently pushed back against China's decision to unilaterally open a new aviation route that Taipei says violates a 2015 agreement to discuss flight paths around the island.
  • Taiwan calls for talks with China on aviation issues CNA 07 Jan 2018 -- Taiwan is calling for discussions with China on issues related to aviation management in the Taiwan Strait, in the wake of China's recent unilateral activation of four aviation routes close to the median line of the strait.
  • Taiwan will not deploy IDF jets to Penghu year-round: Air Force CNA 06 Jan 2018 -- The idea of deploying a fleet of Indigenous Defense Fighter (IDF) jets in the offshore county of Penghu throughout the year is purely speculative and unrealistic, Taiwan's Air Force said Saturday.
  • Taiwan may station IDF jets year-round in Penghu: source CNA 06 Jan 2018 -- Taiwan's military is open to the option of stationing a squadron of Indigenous Defense Fighter (IDF) jets year-round in Penghu County, especially in light of China's recent unilateral action to open new commercial flight routes in the Taiwan Strait, an official from the Air Force said Saturday.
  • Chinese aircraft carrier monitored as it travels near Taiwan: MND CNA 05 Jan 2018 -- A Chinese aircraft carrier sailed through the Taiwan Strait on Friday without showing any abnormal activity, according to the Ministry of National Defense (MND).
  • Next-generation military field rations, meals unveiled CNA 03 Jan 2018 -- The Ministry of National Defense (MND) unveiled on Wednesday a new generation of ready-to-eat meals and field rations backed by a much bigger budget that it hopes will reflect its commitment to treating military rank and file better.
  • War across Taiwan Strait unlikely in 2018: U.S. scholars CNA 03 Jan 2018 -- Several U.S. scholars believe China's recent military and cyber actions constitute a threat to regional security, but they do not believe it likely that the situation will escalate into war in 2018.

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