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Chinese news media reports prominently on Wang-Zhang meeting

ROC Central News Agency

2014/02/12 18:02:52

Beijing, Feb. 12 (CNA) Several Chinese news media reported prominently on Wednesday a landmark meeting in Nanjing a day earlier between the heads of cross-Taiwan Strait affairs on each side of the strait.

The media also uniformly referred to Wang Yu-chi, minister of the Mainland Affairs Council, as 'the head of Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council (MAC),' instead of past practice of either calling him 'head of cross-strait affairs on the Taiwan side,' or putting quotation marks around the agency's name.

Wang became the first incumbent MAC head to visit China when he met his Chinese counterpart, Zhang Zhijun, minister of the Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO).

The Global Times, the Beijing News, the Beijing Times and the Reference News put the story on their front pages with photos, with related stories in inside pages.

However, the People's Daily, the mouthpiece of the Communist Party of China that is known for its conservative stance and style, relegated the story to page eight, with a headline that read 'Zhang and Wang met and reached positive consensus on deepening mutual trust and establishing a regular communication mechanism.' It carried no photos, but it nevertheless referred to Wang as the head of the MAC.

(By Lawrence Chiu and Lilian Wu)

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